Teen sex stories that end with a very young someone getting knocked up are HOT, especially when Daddy does the deed!

Teen sex stories, mmmm, SUPER yummy! In fact, THIS story is all about how Daddy decided it was time to give his beautiful, sweet girl the bestest gift EVER!

It’s the weekend, time to play! Little do I know, my father has a big surprise for me! We’re watching daddy-daughter porn together on the big screen TV in the living room. I’m nestled in your lap like usual. Of course, you’re idly caressing my petite curves as we watch the action. However, I’m a bit distracted. Why?

Because at the same time, you’re slowly thrusting your massive daddy boner in and out of my tiny, drenched pussy.

It feels soooo good! Indeed, my moans are the perfect compliment to the wet, squelchy sounds my cotton-candy cunt makes as I ride you. Groaning, I tell you that we’d better stop soon so that I don’t get pregnant.

In reaction, your cock jerks hard inside me. Oh no, did you cum, Daddy?! At the same time, you flip us over so that I’m on my back with you on top. Your response takes my breath away:

“Babygirl, tonight is the night. I’m going to fuck you over and over again until you’re dripping with loads of my creamy, baby-making sperm.”

He growls softly as he looks down at me. “And I won’t stop until you’re pregnant with my baby, sweetheart.” Gasping, my little body jerks spasmodically as your words touch off the first of many multiple o’s. Omg. How did Daddy know about my impregnation fetish?

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