Family Sex Stories – It was a typical family Super Bowl party; lots of shouting, snacks, beer, and laughter as we watched the big game. Of course, some family members watched something, or shall I say, someone else?

Family Sex Stories: Ever since my younger brother Wyatt caught me tanning nude by the pool last summer, he’d blush and stammer whenever I was around. In addition, yesterday I caught him reading my diary, where he obviously saw all the hardcore sex stories I’d been writing lately, omg! Even more, my mere presence was enough to spring him a major boner!

Given his apparent lust for his older sister, I decided that today was the perfect time to “explore” the opportunities. That being said, I wore a sexy little cheerleading outfit in our favorite team’s colors. Indeed, I could see his mouth practically watered whenever I moved. However, little did I know that Wyatt wasn’t the only one perving me!

Horny and bored, I casually got up while everyone watched the halftime show, sauntering downstairs to the family game room in the basement. Flipping on a light, I realized I was NOT alone.

Family Sex Stories: My younger brother sprawled on a sofa in the corner, hand rhythmically moving up and down as he stroked his enormous cock.

He heard me gasp and our gazes met. Holy Super Bowl, I’d just caught my brother jerking off! Mmm yes, time for a new family sex game. “No, don’t cover up, bro. Show me,” I grinned wickedly. I knew we didn’t have much time, so I immediately sunk to my knees, giving his purple, mushroom head a long, luscious lick while I looked up at him. He groaned helplessly as I began to devour his meaty stick. He tasted sooooo good, I just couldn’t stop.

Engrossed in each other, neither of us realized Daddy had walked into the room until we heard the sound of a belt unbuckling. Omg, we’d been caught! And WHAT was our father doing now?!

Mortified beyond belief, Wyatt and I tried to pull apart. Shocked, I felt Daddy’s hand on the back of my head as he pushed me back down onto my brother’s straining shaft. In spite of choking a little, my pussy throbbed harder in reaction. Was this really happening?

“No, don’t stop, little girl,” Daddy ordered with a growl. “Push out that sweet ass for me as you keep sucking off your brother, kitten.”

I whimpered with equal measures of embarrassment and excitement as Daddy jerked my panties down to my knees. Looks like another forced sex fantasy of mine was about to “cum” true! Without a pause, Daddy thrust himself deep into my dripping, tight pussy. At the same time, I gasped around Wyatt’s thick rod. Daddy’s fuckstick was HUGE and filled me completely.

Unable to escape, I moaned helplessly as I was skewered on both ends. In fact, I couldn’t escape if I wanted to! Panting and groaning, the three of us moved in perfect synch as we fucked and sucked each other into orgasmic oblivion.

All of a sudden, I exploded as my Daddy and brother did the same. The sensation was amazing! Undoubtedly, we’d scored a sizzling touchdown!

Laughing as we tried to catch our breath, everyone gradually put themselves back together. In due time, we went back upstairs to casually rejoin the rest of our family for the remainder of the Super Bowl. As naughty as it was, I could get addicted to this!

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Family Sex Stories

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