Family Sex Stories: Giving Thanks for Family Spanks – AKA: The family that spanks together, stays together. Seriously!

Family sex stories. Writing hardcore sex stories like these drench my panties! It was another Thanksgiving family get together and we had just finished dessert. My stepmother daintily dabbed at her lips with a napkin, then looked at Daddy and me. “You two have been very naughty, especially young Angel here.” She pushed her chair back from the table, then patted her lap. “Angel, come here.”

My mouth falling open, I nevertheless found myself rising from my seat and slowly coming to stand before her. “W-what do you mean, Mama?” I glanced around the room, aware that the entire family was staring at us. My grandfather had this knowing smile on face and my older brothers were grinning in anticipation. My assorted aunts, uncles, and cousins just looked confused.

“You know EXACTLY what I’m talking about, Little Miss Angel. Pull down those panties and get over my knee … RIGHT now.” I looked beseechingly at my father. He stared back, an anticipatory gleam in his eyes. “You heard your mother. Do it. Now.”

I gulped, reaching under my dress to hook my fingers around either side of my lacy bikini panties and pulled downward, allowing them to fall to the floor. Then I stepped out of them, carefully draping myself across my stepmother’s thighs. Accordingly, she flipped the hem of my dress up over my waist, exposing me to the room.

I squirmed with embarrassment … and something else. Could it be that my incest phone sex dreams were about to come true? “That’s a good girl,” Mama murmured. “Now, tell the family why you’re being punished today.” I stammered again, “B-but I don’t KNOW why.” She laughed and I shivered as she questioned matter-in-factly, “Shall we add extra swats for lying, little girl?”

Family Sex Stories – In reality, I *knew* exactly why I was about to receive the spanking of my life.  Mama must have caught Daddy and me during one of our hot playtimes!

Obviously, I was NOT getting out of this one, and Daddy wasn’t helping one bit! Matter in fact, I could already see that Daddy’s thick cock was already tenting out the front of his trousers. I felt Mama’s warm hand, palming and squeezing each firm asscheek. I realized that Grandfather and one of my older brothers had the perfect view of my already-drenched pussy. In effect, my humiliation phone sex fantasies were about to become very REAL.

Omg. I tried to clench my slim thighs together, but Mama stopped me with a few light slaps to that inner flesh. I moaned,  “Because I’ve been playing with Daddy without including you.”

Mama purred “That’s right. Now raise that beautiful ass for me, girl.”

One hand on my lower back to hold me in place, she began spanking my fleshy bubble butt with light swats that rapidly became increasingly harder, making me squeal and struggle. As a result, Daddy pulled his chair closer, unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants to free his raging hard-on.

Seeing that my mouth was already open as I gasped and whimpered, Daddy pulled my face down over his long, thick cock.

Groaning with my ass on fire and my sweet young pussy throbbing and glistening with need, I eagerly sucked on my Daddy’s big dick. In blurred glances, I realized that the rest of my family were rubbing or stroking themselves as they watched one of our hottest, most depraved family sex stories unfold.

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