Impregnation sex stories are hella HOT! Just imagine, I’m about to give you the most amazing Father’s Day gift, Daddy!

Impregnation sex stories are one of my fave kind of stories to write because it’s all about YOU, my beloved Daddy! Remember THIS impregnation fetish story that I wrote for you recently? Of course, that one was just a fantasy, but I just haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. Matter of fact, I’ve realized that I am totally aching to make this incest sex story happen for REAL.

Father’s Day will be here soon and I have the *best* idea! Let’s celebrate your special day ALL weekend long!

After all, you’re the #1 man in my life, Daddy! You’re so strong, so sexy, and super attractive. For those reasons and more, I want to make your deepest fantasy come true. With this in mind, can you imagine how incredibly erotic it will be when you take me tonight? Knowing that you’ll fill me with your potent baby cream over and over again already has me on the edge of cumming!

Mmm Daddy, my mouth is watering for you! Eager mouth and hungry little tongue, finding ALL of your most sensitive places.

Then after you’ve blown your first load of many down my throat, there’s tight, barely legal ass for your pleasure. Last but not least, don’t forget about my juicy, bald pussy. Of course, I know you’ll want to focus on repeatedly pumping my belly FULL of your potent baby-batter.

In fact, I know you won’t stop until you’ve impregnated my fertile, young body. How nut-busting will it be to realize that with each long, deep thrust, you’re fucking a baby into your sweet daughter?

Can you imagine how fulfilling it will be to watch my flat, toned tummy swell with pregnancy? Even better, just imagine how hard you’ll get as you watch my breasts grow extra round and full? It’s important to realize that once I’m knocked up, you’ll have to fuck me even more often than you already do now. After all, everyone knows that impregnation makes a girl super horny!

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