Gisele's teen sex storiesWhen We were Teens we behaved Just Like The Teens Out Of Teen Sex Stories

When I was in my teens, some of my friends and I were kind of shameless in the things we did. We’d invite hot guys over when our parents were away and we’d have all kinds of fun with them. We also had some hot babysitter sex stories as well .We behaved like we were out of your typical teen sex stories. This one weekend though, most of the hot guys were away at some concert. And we didn’t have anyone to invite over to have fun with. Then my friend said she knew one guy, but he was kind of a nerd. It was the guy that was her tutor. He was nice enough, but not popular, always reading or at the computer. We literally had no one else, so I said to call him.

He Said He Was A Grower Not A Show-er

He came over within the hour and we were teasing him and making a bit of fun of him. And then he said we wouldn’t make such fun if we knew what a big cock he had. We both glanced down at his jeans and laughed. And he asked us if we wanted to see. He certainly didn’t look like he was smuggling a cantaloupe or anything. Then he said he was, “a grower, not a show-er.” So he unzipped his jeans and right in front of our eyes, it grew, and grew, and grew some more. Wow, it was impressive! This was just like teen sex stories I used to read.

He Was Probably More Than Nine Inches

Who would have thought this nerdy guy was packin’ like he was? We asked if we could touch it and he nodded yes, so we each reached out and it was as hard as a steel rod. He was soon dripping pre cum and he said what a big cummer he was. And how he could go round after round and please us both if we gave him a chance. We had nothing better to do. So I leaned in and took the dripping head of his cock into my mouth. And what a big cock it was, I’d say around nine inches, I’d never touched one larger.

He Shot Buckets Of Cum Into Me

I was really going to town sucking it and my friend started to suck on his balls. Then he told me to flip over, and I got on all fours and he pushed up my skirt. He pulled my panties down and he was soon stretching me open with that big cock. I didn’t think I could get it all to go in. But it did and we fucked right there in front of my friend. And he shot buckets of cum into me, and as promised. a few moments later, he was hard and ready to go again.

This time it was my friend’s turn. And he got on his back and she straddled him and lowered herself down onto that big cock. She slowly started to ride it up and down and feel it in her tight pussy. I was laying beside them masturbating as I watched them. It was hot and he had big balls. And I knew what big loads they produced as his cum was still oozing out of my pussy. She came on his dick and she too was soon rewarded with a load of that cum in her pussy. All this time, this geeky nerd. And what a stud he was in bed. We were just some horny teens. You never really know what’s going on in someone’s mind, or their pants..

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