My ability to successfully engage in teen brat humiliation served me well when I decided to get revenge on an ex.

This loser deserved a little teen brat humiliation! As our last year of high school approached its end, the seniors were expected to construct a super long presentation in our class. We each had the entire English class period to present our argument. That day, was Danny’s turn. Danny was my ex-boyfriend. I never thought he was all that attractive in the first place; I only dated him out of my endearing and generous nature (aka pity).

We dated for about three months, after which, he dumped me the day after valentines day for this girl who was two years younger than me and would never put out! I was furious. How could someone so putrid, dump a catch like me. That little bitch was lucky to have even three months with me! HOW DARE HE. Of course, he asked me back out when he found out this new girl was going nowhere.

I acted totally calm and collected about the whole thing.

Then, the day that he was about to present, I asked if I could borrow his flash drive I knew that he had everything saved on it. He had no reason not to trust me of course. I look so sweet and innocent that no one would suspect me of malice. I took an image that he sent me of his pale, hairy, tiny, little, freckled dick that he sent me one night and uploaded it directly to the middle of his power point.

This was not just a picture of his gross baby-cock. It included a picture of his nerdy little red face and his crooked smile as well. Finally, he got up to present, trembling just from nerves. His voice always cracked. His confidence grew as he finished a few slides, and then there it was. An entire slide of him and his gross baby-cock. He began to speak and then turned to the slide after seeing everyone’s face.

He did a double take and then quickly switched the slide, but not before pissing his pants in front of everyone. The jocks were the first to burst out into laughter. Then the whole class erupted into conversation, and he ran out crying. Justice served.

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