A rinsing fetish involves one person spitting on the other!

Often with a rinsing fetish, the submissive holds his mouth open to receive the saliva of the dominant. My older brother used to pin me down and spit on me if I ever kissed ass to my parents. This is where I learned the humiliation and desperation of rinsing. It is then that I discovered that many men, particularly in the niche of financial domination, also enjoyed rinsing. I had this live-in submissive for the first few months of living on my own in college.

I had to ask my roommate and make sure that she was ok with it, and she did find the idea of a 45-year-old man coming to live with us a little bit creepy. She caved when I told her that he would also be providing our rent and bills as well as doing all of the housework. She was to kick, punch, spank, humiliate or spit on him if he did anything wrong or untimely. He flew in from like Connecticut or something. My roommate felt instantly creeped the fuck out by him.

I told her to treat him like the disgusting worm that she felt he was, and to not worry because he will like it.

And so she did. He did our dishes, slept on the couch, paid our rent and bills, walked my dog, and gave us foot rubs. I was the only one to spit on him though. He would lie back with his mouth open and I would spit in his face. This was a reward for him. If he was caught with an erection during, then I would stomp him with my heels. His time came to an end when my roommate’s boyfriend moved in with us.

He found my slave’s presence unacceptable. I gave him one last rinsing, all over his hair and in his eyes, and sent him on his way.

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