C.J. Teased His Teen Son

This older man I’ve been dating is very generous with me, he has a very good and responsible job, but it causes him to take a lot of out of town business trips and I don’t get to see him as much as I’d like. He lives with his teen aged son and he seems a nice kid but I noticed that he was kind of into me so I teased him at times. He was a bit more mature for his age than others since his dad often trusts him to be alone overnight when he goes out of town. I was staying over one night when my guy got a call in the middle of the night and had to get up and leave and he didn’t want to wake me, so he just left and had written a note explaining. I got up in the morning and didn’t even think of the son, and I walked to the kitchen in one of his dad’s shirts and nothing else and when I saw him staring at me I realized he was quite aroused looking at me standing there in that state of undress.
I teased him a bit,Bending over looking into the fridge,I leaned up against the counter sipping my coffee,exposing my long ,tan thighs and smiling up at him.He just stared at me like a cross between a deer caught in headlights,and a curious snake. Lol! and I went back to put some more clothes on.

cj teased his teen son

He asked me when I came back if I could stay until his dad came back in a night or two, I said sure, I didn’t mind staying.I was having fun turning him on and teased him all day. Later that night I was getting out of the shower and guess who was right outside the door and he saw me standing there in a towel. He reached over and kissed me and said he wanted me. He was a good looking boy for sure and I felt aroused as well. I could feel his hard, young cock through my towel and I took him by the hand and led him to his father’s room and bed. Oh I felt like a bad MILF about to fuck this young boy, but I wanted it and so did he. I kissed him and teased him with my tongue and stroked his cock and took it out of his pants and started to suck on it.

He had his hand on the back of my head pushing it hard down onto his young cock. I laid him back on the bed and removed my towel and straddled him and sunk down onto his hard, young cock. I teased my clit with the tip of it before sliding it all the way into myself and he loved it, said my pussy was so wet and smooth, and indeed it was. I ground my clit right against the base of his cock and was just rotating my hips in little circles and soon came on his young dick and he shot his load into me as well. He then flipped me over on my back and licked his own cum out of my overflowing, juicy pussy. He was a naughty boy, and he loved to tease my pussy with his tongue and lap my juices and his own out of my MILF pussy. We fucked the whole night away and his dad sent a message he’d be back in the morning. I knew he’s never believe I spent the night fucking his son, and it was going to be our little secret, but one I hoped to repeat.

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