Teacher Student Sex Stories Are Always Interesting

I’ve always been one for side gigs to make more money. When I was in college I took a number of tutoring jobs for younger students to help them out. It was easy for me and decent money. This one time a young guy needed some help with his Spanish and I was fluent in it, so answered the ad. He really had no aptitude for another language at all, so I had my work cut out for me. I had seen him look at me out of the corner of his eye admiringly. I knew he liked my looks.  And I thought I might be able to make this work to my advantage as motivation. I had not planned on any teacher student sex stories to be unfolding when I took this job. It was looking like it could go that way though.

Showing a Little Bit Of My Tits Seems To Help

I leaned over the desk and he was staring down my blouse. I told him if he got this lesson right for our next meeting, I’d show him my tits. He turned bright red, but he nodded his head. The next lesson a few nights later, he had it down pat. I then slowly unbuttoned my blouse and opened it. Then I unclasped my front closure bra and “let the girls out”. He loved it and asked if he could touch. I said get the next lesson as well as you got this one, and you can touch them, yes.Teacher sex stories can be so much fun!

He Definitely Liked My Special Rewards

I soon found out this was all highly motivating for him and he was improving a lot. Some people just need the proper motivation I’ve found. They can then do nearly anything you ask of them. I think many teacher student sex stories might very well start out as motivation for the student to do well. A “reward” is promised them, and things snowball from there.

Things Were Getting Serious

He was soon excelling and things were progressing between us after the lessons. We went from him squeezing my tits, to him fingering my pussy, to me giving him a hand job. He had an important exam coming up, and I knew I had to get things more serious now. I promised I’d give him a blow job if he did well. He looked like a boy on Christmas morning at the very idea of such a thing.

Needless to say, he got a good mark on the exam, and I sucked him off to his satisfaction. He was in sheer heaven as I stroked his young shaft and then licked him. I slurped the precum off of his cock and popped the head of it into my mouth. I deep throated it as far as I could. And  I looked up into his eyes as I traced my wet tongue all over his hardness.

The Rewards Were Working

He placed his hand on the back of my head and garbed my hair into his hand. I drooled all over it and could hear him breathing faster. I knew I was soon to be rewarded with a mouthful of his cum, and I was. And I swallowed every drop of it. He was in heaven. He lay back catching his breath. His final exam was in a couple of weeks and if he got over ninety on it, I said I would let him fuck me. He worked so hard to get that grade and he texted me saying he passed with over ninety. I knew tonight was the night.

This Goofy Guy Was Learning More Than Just One Subject

He came over to my place and I was wearing some sexy lingerie for him when I opened the door. He was grinning from ear to ear.  And then He led me by the hand to the sofa and he soon had me stripped down. He went down on my pussy and was driving me will with his tongue. He did very well pleasing me and I was soon cumming on his grinning face.  And he only let me rest for a few moments before he was on top of me.

Saving The Best For Last

He slid his throbbing young shaft inside of me and I was filled with his girthy cock. I wrapped my legs around him and placed my feet under his ass cheeks. I pulled him closer towards me and he thrust inside of me all the way up to the balls. And then  I raked my nails over his back and shoulders as we fucked. I felt another orgasm welling up inside of myself. I was soon once again pushed over that edge of ecstasy and came on his cock. He spurted inside my pussy and thanked me. It was my pleasure. I really do enjoy tutoring. Teacher student sex stories can really end up being a lot of fun in real life.

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