Teacher Sex Stories Come In Many Different Varieties

Teacher sex stories come in many different varieties. I was thinking back on my school days recently. And how this one teacher I really liked and kind of had the hots for. I did something naughty and wasn’t sure what if anything he’d do.  And I was feeling very horny and naughty one night and took some sexy pics of myself as I was about to begin masturbating. I was wearing some really cute lingerie and my tits looked so good, and the panties were sheer enough that you could see right through them.  Then I took a few pics, chose the sexiest one and emailed it to him.I held my breath.What Fuck did I just do?

I Took Pictures Of Myself Masturbating

As it happened the next day we had a test I’d forgotten all about and hadn’t studied for and yet, I was given a good grade on it. I knew it was actually a much better grade than I deserved as well. So I began to think maybe the naughty pic I sent had been what pushed my grades up.

sexy lil Dana has dirty teacher sex storiesThere was a huge exam coming up and even though I studied for it, I just didn’t get the material. So the night before, I actually took pics of myself masturbating. My cunt lips were spread wide, my stiff clit was exposed. I was using the fingertip of my middle finger on my right hand on my clit and I sent him a few pics. And the next day I did my best on the exam, but had my doubts. The week after when we got our grades I got a high score. I knew the pics were working. I wondered if he had any other teacher sex stories with other students similar to mine.

He Was Probably Beating Off To My Pics Every Night

This went on all semester, and not a word was spoken. I just kept sending these graphic pics to him and I got good grades. I stopped studying entirely and just did what I could on the tests, but the camera was what was helping me pass. He never even replied to one of the emails. I guess he didn’t want to chance getting in any trouble. But I could just imagine him getting one of these naughty pics of mine. and taking his cock out and stroking it as he stared at my young body, wanting to fuck me senseless but not chancing any impropriety, so doing nothing to respond.

It Was Our Naughty Little Secret

It was our naughty little secret. And over that semester he saw every single inch of me as I sent pics of my cunt, my tits, my ass, masturbating myself. Even some of me sucking on my own nipples as I looked directly into the camera. He’d imagine sucking my nipples as he stroked my pussy with his fingers and placing his fingers into my young cunt and smoothing the juices all over that little love bud. I tried many times to make eye contact with him in class, but he just avoided me. It was hot in a bizarre way. If only the other teachers or students knew, but of course they didn’t. I got the best grades in that class of any I’d ever taken. Teacher sex stories are sexy and forbidden, making them extra hot. I bet you’ve had a few yourself, haven’t you?

Sexy LiL Dana

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