When I was in high school, I wasn’t the best of students. I was more interested in boys and partying And I was really a nasty tease.  Studying was no fun and was hard and took me away from things I liked, like shopping and going out with my friends. One day after class my teacher, Mr.Andrews asked me to stay after class and I was afraid he was going to give me a lecture on my grades and how he was going to have to call my parents unless things changed and fast. I was right. Sort of.

He leered at me and said I was failing class, but he had an idea how I could pass after all. I was all ears. He said he saw how I came to class, with my inappropriate low cut tops and how he’d even seen how one day I’d come without panties on and kept crossing and uncrossing my legs and parting them in my short skirt. He said he knew I was a little pricktease and he was going to do something to change my ways once and for all or else I was going to fail. My heart was beating so fast wondering what he was going to do.

danatongue out

He told me to get up and bend over his desk, and I did. He then spanked me really hard and the whacks echoed throughout the empty classroom. I could hear his breathing get harder and he was right behind me and I could feel the bulge in his pants press against me as he backed into me still bend over his desk. I heard him unzip his pants and I felt my panties being pulled down to my knees. I was no virgin, and looked over my shoulder and smirked at him. He grabbed me by the hips and I felt his bare cock go in me from behind. He winced as he felt my tightness envelop him and he grabbed my tits and groped at them as my nipples grew hard under his touch.

In spite of myself, I started to grow wetter with each thrust he gave me and felt myself getting aroused by this middle aged teacher that until now I’d only teased with my uncovered pussy as I flashed him as he taught class. I never thought he’d actually fuck me like this and take advantage of my young cunt to hold my failing grades over my head like this. He reached around and found my stiffened clit and starred to rub it as he continued to fuck me and my elbows were resting on a pile of tests he hadn’t finished grading. He was about to make me cum and I felt his hand go over my mouth to prevent me from screaming out too loudly as I did and all of a sudden I felt him gush inside of me and some of it trickle down my leg. I then heard him zip up seconds after he withdrew from my tight, teen pussy. As I pulled my panties up and skirt down and was about to leave the classroom, he said I’d be passing, so not to worry anymore, but I might need to come by after class a couple of more times in the next couple of weeks to make sure I “knew all the material.” I didn’t mind, it was the best time I’d ever had in his classroom. Call me to find out how I turned the tables on this teacher as well as other teachers all through high school.

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