He Said He Had A Solution For My Failing Grades

When I was in high school, I wasn’t sure for a while if I was going to have to repeat my senior year. I was failing a couple of different classes and my parents were very disappointed in me. I mentioned this to my teacher and he said he had an idea tGisele loves teacher sex storieshat could help me. But he wasn’t sure I’d go for it. I said I had to pass under any circumstances. He got a strange look on his face and then said he had a solution, but it was intense. I asked what, and he said I’d need to be his personal sex slave for an entire week. And I’d pass everything with flying colors if I agreed.This was the beginning of  teacher sex stories.

 I Was Sucking His Cock Outdoors

I was a bit shocked, but thought it was the best option to take. This would be my first, but not my last, of my personal teacher sex stories. He wanted me to meet him before and after school and service him sexually. This one morning we just stayed in his car while I gave him a blow job. But after school we drove to this nearby camp ground and he had me suck him off right at the edge of this small river. The breeze was blowing, it was a very nice day out, and I was sucking off my teacher. Who was nearly three times my age, I felt like a little slut.

I Loved Being My Teacher’s Personal Slut

I knew that every blow job, every fuck, was getting me closer to passing. So I didn’t complain about it and just did it. I’d read some teacher sex stories on erotic stories sites before. And of course always wondered about what it would be like, but here I was fucking my teacher to pass high school and not repeat it. I don’t think my parents would have approved, but they wouldn’t be finding out hopefully. One day at the empty camp ground, we fucked on a picnic table on a blanket. He actually had a nice cock and he did make me cum, but I knew I had to keep this a secret.

Teacher Sex Stories Are So Hot

My mouth and my pussy were his, and he had quite the libido. And could stay hard for a long time, he really pounded my pussy. I wondered if after the week was over if I’d want to stop fucking him. I was kind of enjoying our naughty times before and after school, sneaking around. Sneaking around can be fun, teacher sex stories are always taboo, since they could be fired and go to jail.

All for the thrill of illicit, forbidden sex. It can be fun to have that power over someone, the power to ruin them with one accusation. It really is thrilling and can be very intense because of the taboo nature of it all. I was filled with my teachers cum all week, and needless to say at the end of that week. I had no worries about my grades. No clue if he’d done this before with others, but I had a feeling I might not be the only one he’d fucked into this sort of deal for grades.

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