Teacher Sex Stories Can Be Very Hot

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Some of us are lucky enough to have some hot teacher sex stories, I am one of them. As they say, timing is everything. And when I was a sophomore, I had it really bad for my histo

ry teacher. I would think about him when I’d masturbate. I knew he’d never risk his job to do anything. But I caught him looking at me several times and always wondered what he was thinking. Well last weekend I found out what he’d been thinking all those years ago, since I ran into him at a party. He was a friend of a friend and there were dozens of people at this party. But I sure never expected to run into him, but I’m glad I did.

I Was No Longer A Little Teen

I was feeling a bit bold because of how much I’d had to drink.And I told him how much I’d fantasized about him back in the day. He said he had about me as well and he’d jerk off and think about my young, teenage pussy. And how he wanted to fuck me right there on his desk, but he couldn’t risk any legal trouble. But now that I was of age and no longer a student. We were free to fuck our brains out, was I still interested? Oh yes, I didn’t need to be asked twice. I always loved reading about teach

er sex stories in the news. Even though those sadly were the ones that got caught and things went bad. But I often liked to think about how hot it was while it lasted, so secret and clandestine and forbidden.

He Requested I Wear Pigtails

I confided this to him and he agreed. There had been several girls over the years he had wanted to fuck very badly. But they were off limits, but tonight this teacher and former student were going to get it on. We went back to my place and were kissing and undressing all the way to my bedroom. He asked if I’d still call him Mister Edwards, lol, it was so cute! I put my hair in pigtails and said I’d been a bad teenage girl. And he told me to get on my knees and suck his cock like a good girl, and I did happily! I was dripping after sucking his dick and swallowing his load. And I was soon pushed over my bed and taking his cock in my pussy from behind as he spanked my ass.

His cock was large and it hurt a bit going in it was so big. I was happy though to finally get his cock and he grabbed my tits and fucked me. And then took my pig tails in his hands and pulled my head back. He called me his good little slut. I came so hard on his cock and he shot squirt after squirt of his cum in my pussy. And filled me up. We collapsed on the bed and just lay there catching our breath. I was so glad we’d run into each other at the party. Teacher sex stories don’t always have a happy ending, but this one certainly did. Sometimes good things do come to those who wait.

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