Teacher Sex Stories & Lessons: The Female G Spot 101

Teacher sex stories – who doesn’t love learning about the female anatomy? Especially when large, wet explosions are involved…! Fear not, my horny boys and men… your slutty professor is back!

So by now, unless you’ve living under a rock you’ve heard of the G spot, or the “Grafenberg Spot”, named after a German doctor in the 1950s. The G spot, as some of you may know by now, is a spongy tissue located on the vagina’s inner wall. (I prefer to say pussy wall, but these naughty teacher sex stories & lessons often inspire me to try to sound like a sexy, provocative doctor/professor).

The problem is that some people don’t believe this G spot actually exists… Shame on them! This is why I’m here to cast light on a matter that is still seen as nebulous from both genders.

Fuck yeah, I have a G spot and every week, I call it by a client’s name… Specifically the one who made me squirt the most during the previous week.

What I love doing the most, especially on a guided masturbation call, is stimulating my G spot with one of my dildos while playing with my clit. That makes me squirt gallons of pussy juice… Often on a pair of panties to mail away to one of my squirt/female cum fetish phone sex callers.

Are these dirty teacher sex stories turning you on? Maybe you’re curious to hear about the male equivalent of the G spot? Keep reading!

Yes, horny boys and men such as yourselves also have a G spot – specifically located in your dirty, yummy asshole. You’ve guessed it! I’m referring to your prostate. So if you’ve never been tongue fucked, or have never had your ass eaten out by a real pro such as myself… Or never been fingered or pegged properly, then you don’t know what you’re missing!

My advice is for you to call me as soon as possible, so we can practice my teacher sex stories & lessons – until we both shoot buckets of delicious squirt and cum. Then we can clean each other up with some yummy and kinky cum eating.

French Whore Carmen