Tasty surprise for my lover

I served a tasty surprise for my lover the other night. My Boyfriend worked long hours for awhile which leaves me to satisfy myself. I’m so sick of having to satisfy myself.  I have all these toys but I’m needing something new to play with . Little does he know I have made a few friends to keep me company on these lonely nights. I brought one to my house just the other night we fooled around, played around and much more. He licked my tight little pussy so much better than my boyfriend ever has and his cock was big and thick. It throbbed for my tight little pussy. My pussy ached for the big thick cock.

After he licked my pussy he slipped his cock into my mouth and fucked my mouth until I gagged on his cock.He then took his thick throbbing cock and fucked my tight little pussy. He thrust inside me hard and deep making my moans loud and leaving my body shaking from orgasms. But he didn’t stop until he filled my pussy up. I look down he’s still hard and throbbing, he shoves that cock right into my ass thrusting, penetrating me hard and deep then I felt him cum inside my ass leaving 2 of my holes completely filled up. After he left my boyfriend came over and I didn’t even bother cleaning up the mess I had a tasty surprise for my lover.

He’s clueless about my cheating ways

He walks in and sees me in my black sexy bra and panties the ones he loves so much. Then He walks towards me not knowing I have in store from him. I took him into the bedroom, tied his hands to my bed, and blindfolded him. Then I slipped my fingers inside my panties, I slid the finger deep into my pussy and slipped my juicy finger with cum all over his lips and then I made him suck my finger clean. I then pulled my panties down and sat on his face, I could feel the cum dripping out of my pussy into his mouth. I said “you like that don’t you baby? You love the way my pussy taste don’t you” he says “oh yes.”

I giggle “silly boy that’s not only my pussy you taste you also taste the cum of the big black cock I fucked 45 mins ago.” He tries getting up and tries to fight me off him but he’s all tied up so he can’t go anywhere. My boyfriend is left with no choice but to clean me up. Cuckolding phone sex fantasy? Call me I’ll tie you up and make you watch. There’s more tasty surprises in store.

Kinky Kelsey