Take a breath and get ready for some tantric intimacy meditation.

Tantric intimacy meditation is more than just a western-style. Some meditation techniques are all just stress reduction and learning to manage a busy lifestyle and career, which has a different goal. Tantra’s goal and aim is, like all forms of Buddhism, to help you reach an enlightened state of being. A better arousal state than you may have ever reached before. Now, this may have the side effect of also managing stress and helping you cope with a stressful modern life. What the most likely outcome is for most people is a sudden awakening and understanding of the intimate state of the soul and self concerning those buried pleasures. In short, this technique will help you. But first you’ll need to learn.

I know a lot of people turn to meditation for many reasons.

Stress relief, managing mental health issues, and connecting with their inner selves are all often stated reasons to meditate. And a lot of people turn to Tantra in hopes of finding a robust sex life lurking there. I started meditating to learn to tame and control my mind, emotions, and reactions to emotions and the world.  From a Buddhist point of view, suffering arises from attachment, and attachment arises through emotional connection.  Therefore, controlling the reactions to emotions can help limit suffering! I know, it looks so easy when it’s spelled out in simple terms, but the reality is much more difficult.  If you’ve tried to meditate for any reason, and had trouble establishing a routine practice, try tantric intimacy meditation instead. You already partake in the intimacy part of it. This type of meditation will give you the will power to do it the right way.

Tantric intimacy meditation for beginners.

Tantra tends to focus a lot on your breath and your energy, so get ready for what’s gonna sound like a lot of spacey new-age talk. To start a tantric intimacy meditation practice, you need a firm pillow or a rolled-up towel, and some patience. Oh, and a nice space to practice in. Think of your meditation practice as just that: practice. You sit in a nice quiet space with pretty focus images around you, and learn how to catch your mind in an ideal situation, so that later, when you’re in a sensual real-world situation, you can catch your mind before your hassle to enjoy spirals out of control. You’re practicing for real life!

Sit in a neutral position, with your hips canted slightly back, spine curved naturally, shoulders relaxed.

This is the ideal but you’ll find that lying flat on your back works likewise. Don’t tense your hands or jaw, and try not to cross your arms. Don’t overload yourself by going for a half-hour long meditation session, all you’ll wind up doing is stressing yourself out and frustrating yourself, and that’s the opposite of what meditation should bring you.

Slowly bring your awareness into your body, out of your mind.

Become aware of your bones alignment, the way you hold your muscles. Open your mind to how your pelvic muscles feel. Acknowledge that this is your body, you are your body, and what your body holds is your vital essence. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth very slowly. When you’re starting, just this is enough to drop your stress levels significantly and increase your body awareness of your erotic side. Let’s call it your happy side.

As you advance in your practice, you can add more body awareness exercises to your tantric intimacy meditation practice.

Use gentle touch across your skin, being careful not to press too hard. Slow, smooth strokes can increase blood flow to your extremities. Awaken nerve endings that have been missing out on needed stimulation. Just touch yourself while looking at my pictures for practice. Think in terms of when you sit to masturbate. When you’re just barely starting to feel a little horny, and your hands gently touch and stroke and rub softly! Like that, only expand your idea of what an erogenous zone is to encompass your entire body.

To bump your practice up a notch: invite your partner to participate with you. You can even use a special sex toy along with my guidance. From sitting and breathing, to looking deeply into one another’s eyes, to reverently touching each other… it’s pretty easy to let your tantric intimacy meditation evolve into a little old fashioned fucking. With your partner or your toy, nice and slow….very slow so you’ll feel the deepness to which you’ve fallen. Ecstacy is the goal after all!

tantric intimacy meditation

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