Imagine how confident you would feel if you knew that you could conjure feelings of sexual desire, and place sexual mind control over anyone.

The subconscious mind can be influenced by the language patterns of my sensual voice that have the ability to guide you subtly into states that make you feel wonderful, happy and aroused by my sexual mind control. I do this by using seductive language, low tone of voice, and using some hypnotic charming and anchoring.

Or course you already knew this! With simple linguistic techniques and natural delivery, I captivate you to feel lured into my world and drawn into the provocatively erotic deepness that will be compelled to feel you possess. Like a magic spell, I make you feel more and more aroused as you continue to take wave after wave of linguistic powers that gives you more and more reasons why it’s okay to feel good with me.

I use hypnotic language patterns to get you to recollect and relive moments when they felt happy, fun and flirty. As those memories resurface you feel the same pleasures as you have prior. Its ss if you were there and back in that moment. Making you adore the hypnotic powers that I hold.

Learning how to use hypnotic language or sexual mind control to seduce you is surprisingly not all that hard for me to do.

I already use hypnotic language patterns as well as sexual mind control in my daily conversations naturally without even realizing it. After all, I am an extremely sexual person. As you listen to my hypnotic voice telling you a story, you feel as you you enter into that world/place. Giana is simply bringing you into a state of mind just by expressing ideas and emotions.

Currently, I am obtaining my M.S. in psychology so I know how to use my words. I know how to make you twitch in just the right points on your body. May I add the course in communication that I’ve acquired. We can agree that nothing compares to the real-life experiences I go through with perfecting my skill.

As my alluring words fondle your senses it shows me that you are going to experience what I describe as something that simply occurs. Commanding can be so animalistic in nature. Although I do love indulging in the sadistic play I tend to take the more seductive approach. You love that approach.

Entering into this perfect mindset of seduction and mind manipulation.

If you’ve had the opportunity to have had a session with me before you’d know the preparation. If not what have you been waiting for. In a sense, we are all on a course of mind control since birth. So your best option is to have someone you trust probing you. You do trust me. Far surpassing the due diligence of the operating tactics of everyday life. But the best phone sex operator that able to give you the obsessive sexual mind control you so desperately need.

This indicates that the occasions I explain is definitely going to take place, and the only question is exactly how surprised you’ll be by it! “How amazed will you be to find that you are becoming irresistibly attracted to me … now?”

There are two ways this pleasant sexual mind control can go.

I will leisurely take my time with you.  Allow you to Let you voice out all of your hidden secrets, divulge your soul out to me and find comfort with having me in your life. This is the personal approach that I live and which can be characterized as being a therapeutic GFE experience for you. Thos traumatic times that bore the start of your sexual arousal. Or was it the patterns that sprouted from that one event.

Sexual mind control can also fall into the context of me making you listen. I’ll let you moan, if I’m in the mode I may even let you make a suggestion or two. So this second part can include toys, materials, a dark room which includes just me and you. You know I fill enjoyment in those guided sessions.

Sexual Mind Control

There are no limits to what I like. This may frazzle some but why? I truly like it all!! This not only allows me to enjoy a wide range of play but I can also give you the excitement you thought you’ve reached the pinnacle of. Free phone sex here…Free minutes just say WOW GIANA when you call.