Men never really stop being little boys who just want their Mommy to take care of them. Julian was a lonely little boy who wanted Mommy to look after him when he came home from work, kind of like how he was looked after when he used to come home from school. Although he wanted a hot, sexy mommy to be there for him now. I think I’m one hell of a sexy Mommy and set things up. Julian gave me his spare set of keys to his house and told me what time he’d be home from work. I told him he’d better be on time otherwise he’d be spending some time on the naughty step instead of with me.

“Hey, Mommy! I’m home!” he called out as he closed the door. I looked at the clock, he was on time. He found me in the kitchen setting the table for dinner. I was naked except for an apron and a pair of heels. I heard him gasp as he saw me but pretended not to notice. I told him I was going to make macaroni and cheese but it would take a while so he could have a glass of milk and a cookie while he waited. I’d already had it on the table for him so he sat down and ate his cookie while watching me. I made sure to take my time and bent over the stove, sticking my ass out. When it was ready I served it, wiped my hands on the apron, took it ff and sat down. As we ate I asked how his day went and I listened as he told me all about it. Afterwards I told him he could watch half an hour of TV while I did the dishes.


Okay Mister, bath time.” I said and turned the TV off. He whined but I just pointed down the hall and off he went. He got undressed while I ran the tub, adding some bubble bath. I checked to make sure it wasn’t too hot and he got in. I knelt beside the tub and dunked the facecloth into the water, wetting it then putting some shower gel on it. I washed him arms, my breasts rubbing against him as I moved. I then washed is stomach, sliding my hand down into the soapy water. I rubbed around his lower stomach and he started to get hard. I ignored it while I did the rest of him then said “Okay, only one more area to clean.” I put the facecloth down and put some shower gel on my hands. I reached into the water, put my hand around his cock and stroked him up and down. He moaned as I went faster. Soon he was cumming over my hand and into the water.

I wiped us off with the facecloth and helped him out of the tub. I dried him off with a towel then took him to hi bedroom. I said that it was too warm to wear pajamas and pulled back the covers. He got in and I covered him up the sat beside him. He snuggled close to me and put his head by my breast. I cradled his head and put his mouth against it. He stuck my nipple in his mouth and sucked on it while I stroked his hair. After a while his sucks got slower and I slid him out of my mouth. I got up, kissed him on the forehead and tucked the blanket around him.


“Goodnight sweetheart.” I said and left, closing the door behind me.

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