I’ve been fantasizing about my older brother.

My older brother sometimes parties too hard. Every weekend he is off bar hopping with his buddies and most of the time he doesn’t even make it home. Yesterday was a different story though. I was already in bed, about to fall soundly asleep when I heard someone downstairs. I walked downstairs and there he was. He was passed out on the couch and I knew it was me chance to finally make my fantasy come alive.

I tiptoed to him, trying not to wake him up. To my surprise he didn’t wake up at all, not even when I straddled him and started grinding right on his lap. I really just want it to feel his cock over his jeans, I want it to make it really hard. When I figured out he wasn’t going to wake up, I kneeled down in front of him and pulled out his cock. I started sucking, not going slow. I just want it to have my older brother’s big cock deep in my throat. I didn’t even know it would happen, so when he got really hard and I started tasting all his precum I knew I had to ride him.

I took all my clothes off and hopped on top of him. I rode him for a bit, making sure I wasn’t making too much noise since my parents were sleeping. Then, when he felt my pussy grip his cock as I came he woke up. Although he want it me to get off of him, he didn’t have the strength to push me away because he was so wasted. Once he gave him and started enjoying it I begged for his load. I want it my older brother’s load deep inside my tight little cunt.

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