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So do you know any taboo teacher stories?  He was my English teacher, and boy was he hot.  My teacher was so cute and all I could think about was touching him, kissing him, and telling him how I felt.

I couldn’t stop looking into his brown eyes.  Fantasies of us under the sheets plagued my mind.  I would find my pussy would become wet under the desk and I would rub my thighs together to try and stop the feelings welling up inside of me.  When I would get home I would go to my room slip out of my shorts and moist panties and masturbate.

Incidentally, my taboo teacher stories adventure didn’t end well.

Well, my taboo teacher stories journey didn’t end so well.  One day we were talking and he told me that he had a girlfriend.  I was so crushed.  However, my girlfriend Barbara was a different story altogether.

Generally speaking, she was a good girl. I never heard of her getting into any trouble.  So it came as a complete shock when I heard rumors of her being a huge slut around the school.  I couldn’t imagine how anyone could be so cruel.

How could I have not put the pieces together? 

Barbara told me she was helping to grade papers for this teacher to earn extra credit.  She would spend a lot of time together with him.  One day when it was stormy out, he offered her a ride home in his car.  Once in the car, he drove slowly making sure not to get into an accident.  The rain was thick that day.

He pulled to a side street.  Then he kissed Barbara softly on her lips.  Barbara had told me she had been crushing on this teacher for months and feeling the affirmation of his touch just made everything so worth it.

Over the next few months, I started seeing Barbara wearing slutty clothes to class.  She wore stockings, heels, short dresses or tight shorts and shirts that would show off her incredibly big tits.

Soon, things changed between student and instructor.

Well, as expected things always changed.  You didn’t think this teacher sex stories affair would stay under wraps, did you?  After school, I waited for Barbara to walk home with me.  We had plans to study for a big test coming up next week.

I cursed myself and remembered I had forgotten my book which was still inside of my locker.  I begged the janitor to let me in.  He looked me up and down.  I’m sure he was trying to see what panties I was wearing under my tight denim shorts.  I smiled and hiked my shorts up just a bit.  He was a dirty old man, but I was all right with that.

I had to pass some classrooms to get to my locker.  I heard a noise coming from one of the classrooms.  Part of me wanted to just keep walking and get away from the school and the dirty pervert.

Well, I wasn’t ready for what I saw next.

First, I peeked into the window of the classroom where the noise was coming from.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Part of me was so angry at what I saw.  Barbara was in there stroking his cock.  Hungrily her mouth wrapped around his dick and took him way down.  I had no idea that she was such a slut.

The English teacher that I had been trying so hard to seduce was fucking Barbara’s face.  Next, he had her get up on the desk.  He dove down and started licking her wet pussy.  Her hips fucked his face as she held onto his desk.  Some supplies toppled onto the floor.

Finally, he threw her legs over his shoulder and slid into her.  Barbara’s screams could be heard outside the door.  I was so wet watching and so mad.  She had stolen my man.  I know he wasn’t but darn that witch.

I forget where I was and put my hands below and started rubbing my pussy through my shorts.  It was like watching my very own live sex show.  My hands went under my panties and found my wet pussy and started fingering vigorously.

Would you like to hear what happened next?  What are your taboo teacher stories?  Let me be your fantasy in some teen phone sex naughtiness.

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