Sunrise Self Satisfaction

Early morning self satisfaction, roll over to face the sunrise as the first lights penetrate the blinds I could put black out curtains up but the truth is, I love this time of day. The city is still sleeping and only a few random joggers or dog walkers are out, quietly going about their humdrum morning routines.

I stretch deeply, waking my muscles up. Gently slide off the bed and open the blinds. Standing naked in the window I let the rays of the sun hit my perfect tits, lean my head back and feel my hair caress my back, grazing the top of my ass. The competing cool temperature in my room mixed with the warming rays bring my nipples to life.

Give myself a little squeeze, allowing my hands to trace my shapely curves. I lean against the window, one hand parting my already glistening pussy lips. A soft moan escapes as I roll the tip of my finger around my juicy little clit. I wonder if there’s anyone out there, watching me.

My bed is perfectly positioned for a private show, I head back over to it, pausing only long enough to grab a toy.


I cat crawl onto the bed; lifting my ass up and dramatically, sliding one leg at a time across the cool sheets. Egyptian cotton never felt as good as at 5 am. Wiggle my tight little ass hole up in the air, spreading my legs to the window, exposing my pussy. Face planted in a pillow my fingers wander up the slit, all the way back to my ass and down again. Slowly stroking my tender regions, fire brewing behind my clit, burning with desire.

Picking up the toy, I stay perfectly positioned to be mounted, and plunge it into me. Waking up all my senses as my pussy contests the sudden penetration, I twist it, pulsating it to get it deeper. Like a heat seeking missile looking to put out that fire I drive it deeper. Thrusting it now as my juices flow, slickening my fingers as I pound the toy in my pussy.

My mind wanders back to the window and I wonder about my imaginary voyeur.

Feeling the climax building I slow down for a moment, push the toy from side to side. My tight little pussy clenching at the toy, I’m slipping over the edge. Biting at the pillow as I feel the climax building, edging it out, teasing my pussy until it hurts. One final thrust hitting my g spot and I’m done for. Belly heaving, pussy trying desperately to milk the toy, clenching and pulling it all the way in as little drops of honey spill out, wetting the bed.

I collapse into the sheets, toy still nestled in side, my pussy to tender to take it out just yet. Reveling in this blissful moment of sunrise self satisfaction just a moment longer before rolling over and sliding the toy from my depths. I flounce over to the window for good measure, and lick the toy clean.

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