Sucking The Exchange Student Dry!!!

I flew home to visit family earlier this summer and I totally fucked their Korean exchange student! That poor kid had no idea what was coming his way! I’m more than positive he was a virgin 17 year old! He was handsome, and just so delicious looking! Knowing he was so innocent made me want to ruin him that much more!

The first night we did anything together he seemed so confused until I grabbed his crotch. He was in his room reading, when I came in and sat down on his bed. He spoke no English so I just leaned over and kissed him. He pulled back for a moment and then let me kiss him again. I pushed my plump breasts into him and a quiet little moan escaped his lips. Right then and there I knew this was going to be a fun encounter!

I reached up and grabbed his already hard cock! I knew I needed to be careful, because if I wasn’t he would cum before I could get him out of his pants! I pulled his pj’s down and every so slowly pulled his dick out. I was very surprised but his size! I’ve never been with an Asian until this moment and I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised.

I wanted him to cum quickly, and hard! So, I took him all the way into my mouth. I shoved that cock right down my throat until I could feel him get harder and start to pulse. He came with a load moan and saying something I didn’t understand! I sucked that cock nice and dry, pulled his pants back up, kissed him hard and then walked right back out of that room.

The next morning when I saw him, he flushed a dark shade of red. I couldn’t help but giggle at him! I took him many more times on my visit and there was never a word spoken between us 😉

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