Sucked him in the school library!

I saw him from across the college library with in moments of sitting down. I could feel his eyes on me and I know he wanted me. I was wearing a little skirt and shirt, without a care in the world. All I was focused on was making a good grade on this exam. But, I couldn’t concentrate after catching him watching me.

He walked over to where I was sitting and started to whisper to me. He was asking me how my day was going and if I need a break from studying. I immediately stood up and took his hand. I was guided him to the back of the library where no one ever goes.

I could tell he was slightly shy but bold enough to approach me. When we got into the back of the bookcases I slammed him against the shelves. I planted a big, wet kiss right on his mouth as I let my hands find his already hard cock in his pants.

I dropped to my knees and pulled his cock out. Very quickly I had him down my throat. I was pumping my head in and out when I felt him grab the back of my head and hold me down. I started to chock but man was I liking it. He pushed me all the way to the ground so now I was on my back. He got into the 69 position so his cock was pounding down into my throat.

This we a bit uncomfortable at first but then his lips met my clit! I was on fire at that point. He sucked and licked me as I bucked up into him. His cock was pumping in and out of my throat as I started to feel my climax building. He told me not to cum until I felt his load dripping down my throat.

Within moments his cock was exploding down my throat and out the sides of my mouth. I came then, and was having a very hard time swallowing his entire load. As soon as we were finished we went back to our table and continued to study. I fucked him again that night just for shits and giggles!


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