Sucked him dry while road tripping!

We’d been traveling all day with his family and I swear I was about to go crazy! We’d been stuck in the back seat of the car trying to stay entertained but really all we wanted to do was fuck. This is the curse of being 18 and fucking horny. I knew though, if given the chance I was going to make sure his dick was well sucked!

We pulled over for lunch and to stretch our legs. We got out for a bit but then quickly got back into the car. We were waiting for everyone else to finish. I looked over at him and smiled. I wanted his cock in my mouth so bad. I leaned over and pulled his basketball shorts down before starting to suck on his semi hard dick.

I sucked him completely hard and then started to deep throat him. He was hitting the back of my throat every single time I shoved my face back down onto him. I knew he was going to blow quickly so I stopped. I checked to make sure everyone was still eating. I knew we had time to prolong this pleasure.

I got back down and started sucking him off again. This time I went harder and faster! “Jillian, they’re coming out now!” He was getting nervous. I picked up my speed and told him to fucking cum for me. Right as his mom was reaching for the handle he started cumming. I stayed there a moment, drinking every drop and then sat up.

Everyone piled into the car and we continued our road trip. Little do they know that I blew him so good while they were eating lunch. He fingered my pussy the rest of the drive.

Nothing beats Road Head.. Well besides Teen Phone Sex