submissive mentality

Dawn clutched at the rippling muscles of David’s hard arms. They seemed to be caging her everywhere even as her desire caused her vertigo. Sinking nails into them to find an anchor as her head sank into a submissive mentality.

She was a mess of feminine hunger and he was a zealous male in flawless control. Everything about him was masculine perfection.

She could not stop herself she just jumped like a feral sex kitten on him. Completely out of control. She did not try to stop touching him.

Her actions demanded of him. She was all but forced by him because of the commands he had triggered in her body.

David laughed out loud.

He covered her body with his, letting her take his full weight as he took control of her.

His heavy cock pressed into her till she could not catch her breath, but she didn’t care.

She loved feeling so fragile. Her reactions were pure instinct. As he laughed in pleasure the flames of passion in her blazed higher.

She knew she was in good hands even as she became alarmed by the power in the submissive mentality he had over her body.

She knew she could not give him her body, because he already owned it. David was using her body for his pleasure.

And would, as many times as he wanted her whenever he wanted her. She had never imagined the pleasure could be so intense.

She tried to think through the fear that was starting.

 “You are mine, Dawn. I am your keeper. Feel, Dawn, don’t think just trust me.”

His hips flexed again and another wave of wildfire raced through her body, leaving her panting.

She could not think when he moved, and she gave herself up to the moment. He threw her into another realm of pure pleasure.

Into a pure submissive mentality. Of timeless disconnected sensations she did not understand.

She endured the pleasure he slammed into her over and over.

Waves of flames coursed throughout her each more and more intense. Electricity coiled in her tighter and tighter to suddenly burst. Shooting from pleasure center to pleasure center.

They caused eruptions of pleasure like pure light. They spread through her veins, rushing out of every part of her body.

He caught her hips in hands like vises, bruising grip, moving faster, harder.

Her head thrashed from the carnal hunger she craved needed and was receiving.  Shockwave overwhelmed her over and over.

The intensity forced her to thrash in such a way that she met him thrust for terrifying thrust.

Breasts bouncing, the muscles of her back, ass, thighs, and stomach rippling with every hard collision of their joining.

That raw sensuality as his cock swelled. He panicked as lightning sizzled throughout him from his cock. It struck with an electric whip of shock from her pussy.

Her muscles clamped down like a vise on his cock hard with scorching wet heat to the predictable loss of control.

Giving in to the inevitable David shifted the angle of his cock and rode along that G spot with rigid, harsh strokes. Her pussy surrounds his cock with liquid wildfire.

So tight it was strangling him one moment pulling his cock deeper the next pushing his cock out. Her submissive mentality was the key to their unparalleled sexual encounters.

Their lust created a piece of music that rose to a crescendo of cries with their hot explosive release. The sweetest of brutal accord perfect and terrible is a submissive mentality. Public Sex can add a thrill also. I love it all that is why the best phone sex is with me. So if you want more call me


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