Kate loves to take BBC.

I love to take a nice thick BBC. 90% of the men I have fucked have been black and I’d love to tell you all about it. Better yet I’d love to share the experience with you;) I know you want to see me. I know you want to see him take advantage of me. I’m such a beautiful blonde. Such a sweet submissive and he always knows just what I need. I need that big thick black cock. In so many hot, sexy ways. In so many hot, wet, sexy places. Let me have it, baby. Let me have it and I’ll let you watch. Once you see it, you’ll be begging to watch it all the time. I promise you.

We can meet in a hotel room. We’ll set it up with a nice comfy chair for you in the corner. Strip the bed of the everything but the satin sheets we bring. If you’re feeling extra naughty you can set up some restraints for him to use on me;) Whatever you are in the mood for baby.

I want you to love it just as much as I do.

I’ll dress in some sexy red lingerie. A red push-up bra, a red thong(he loves my plump ass in a thong), and a pair of sexy heels. You can take a seat in your chair and I’ll lay back on the bed. Waiting for him to come…cum. He has his own key so he lets himself in. He’s a huge black man with rippling muscles. In just a t-shirt and jeans he’s delicious. I can’t wait to get a taste of that big thick cock again. He sees me laying on the bed and grins wickedly, winking at you as he passes. I know he’s about to destroy me. You’re in for a real treat baby. Take out your cock and watch him get to work;)

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