The student/teacher affair. I’m your best student, your straight A girl but over the last few month you’ve been noticing more and more the clothing I’ve been wearing to your class. The short plaid skirts,black stockings, button up white top, and you definitely can’t help noticing the way I put my hair in 2 braids.

So you’ve convinced yourself that i’m doing it on purpose because you’ve heard the whispers that i’ve got the biggest crush on you and it makes you think of putting those hands on my braids and stuffing that big fat monster into my tiny little mouth. It brings out so many dirty thoughts and you can’t help but want to find away to get my to stay after.

You’ve got one of my papers infront of you and it’s perfect but you mark it a B because you know i’ll stay after class, you know i’ll do anything to keep my perfect A streak and you can only imagine all the dirty things i’ll do. All the dirty desires your going to tell me and how your going to ruin me for any other man, how your going to teach me how a experienced man likes his cock touched,sucked,stroked.

“How can I get an A?”