Stranger Fuck at the Circle K

Earlier tonight, I was craving something sweet. I decided to make a run to the neighborhood Circle K to grab a snack. Instead of getting something sweet? I ended up having a hot random stranger fuck in the alley behind the building, which ended with a SALTY treat instead!

When I pulled up to the gas pumps to get some gas before going inside to grab my snack, I noticed this hot hunky guy, all dressed up for a Saturday night on the town. Likely spending the night drinking with his friends and chasing pussy. I was dressed pretty casually in daisy dukes and a tight tank top. No panties, no bra. I had just grabbed the basics for a quick run, since I don’t usually wear any clothes when I’m taking calls. =)

I could feel his eyes on me as I got out of the car, long legs first.

My puffy little nipples got instantly hard and stood out against the thin fabric of my shirt. I looked over at him and caught him staring. He smiled almost apologetically and let out an embarrassed laugh. I locked eyes with him and stared at him intensely, letting him know that he wasn’t dealing with the average girl. No drinks, dinner, or bullshit compliments needed here! Already my pussy was wet and my shorts damp at the thought of having a stranger fuck right here behind the Circle K.

I nodded my head in the direction of the bathrooms, and his eyes widened, but he nodded. Locking his car before trailing along behind me. As soon as we rounded the corner I backed myself up into the wall and pulled him roughly into me. He opened his mouth as if to speak, and in a low, gritty voice filled with lust I told him to just SHUT UP and FUCK ME! I could feel his hands ripping at my shirt to get it up, and my shorts to get them down. They were barely down to my knees when I felt that big swollen cock head pushing up against my dripping wet pussy. I spread myself wide and let the unprotected cock of a stranger sink deep inside me. MMMM. He had a nice one!

A stranger fuck is ALWAYS an exciting fuck, but a big fat cock is an added bonus!

He pounded my tight little pussy hard, his breathing ragged. I cupped his face with one hand and forced his eyes to look into mine while I told him how good it felt to let a hot stranger bareback fuck my slutty pussy!

Did he cum inside me? 
Did I let him speak? 
Did I tell him my name? 

You’ll just have to call me and find out. =)

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