I live in the southeast part of the U.S, and lately.. it’s been pure rain, rain, rain! Part of the reason I love the South is getting completely drenched in thunderstorms and rain. Right now, my room is getting lit up by random lightning, and I can’t help but remember the adventure I had last summer. I’ll be honest, I’ve had some fun with having sex in public places, but I’ve never had sex outside. Movie theater, mall bathroom, school bathroom..sure! Actually outside where the weather is? I hadn’t, until this adventure.

Last summer I was having a lot of fun. I was going out on drives a lot, making new friends, and I even tried riding dirt bikes with some guy friends. We were planning on just being out there for a bonfire. People expected a drizzle, but no.. after sunset, it really started raining. Buckets and buckets. I was hanging out with an ex-boyfriend at the time and we made a run for it, dodging into the trees, since their canopy was a little helpful. And then we ended up under a larger sycamore tree, at the edge of a property whose house we could barely see from there. There was no way we were getting out. It was storming, we’d parked on a dirt road, and I drive a Mustang – not made for mudding!

We were soaking wet from the rain, and it was just before fall started, so it was ice cold to us. He tried to pull me into his hoodie, almost like old times, but at that second, I got a little spark of my own. I dropped the shorts, pulling my drenched tank top over my head and pushing him against the wall. I knew he was barely holding back, getting to see me like that all over again. And I went for it, leaning in and kissing him on the neck, biting a little before pulling his shirt off too. He immediately took over, pulling everything else off and slamming me up against the side of the tree. It was still raining, we were getting soaking wet and nothing was going to stop us. If anyone was watching, they got one hell of a show. That was the first time I ever had sex outside.. With all the rain and thunder, though, I don’t think anyone got lucky enough to catch us 😉

I’ve done some crazy things..can I tell you?



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