Stockings Fetish heats up with your girlfriend dressed up to the tops of her long legs.

When I’m dressed up and ready for Stockings Fetish role play you are going to get quiet a show. You know how much I love the spotlight and when you come home from work you’re going to get it. Setting the mood that I’m ready to lay out the theatrics for a good time with my man. I want to give you all the details that make the little hairs on the back of your neck stand up along with your rock hard cock. So come in and get comfortable because the show is about to begin.

Right when you walked through the door my pussy began to get wet. The excitement of it all sends my heart racing. I’m all ready for you to take in, for you to see what a sexy little bitch I really am, and how you’re going to get it so good tonight. I’m wearing that bra and panty set you got me for being your nasty girl while we were on that vacation. I have been wanting to wear it for you and tonight is the perfect night. No real reason, I just got worked up over this Stockings Fetish and got a major craving for your dick and role play.

I wag my ass in your face until you can’t take it anymore.

You grab me and tackle me to the floor and push your cock down my throat. You feel me swallow you, my throat closes in around your dick, and feels all the wet warmth I have to offer you. Oral Sex from my hot wet mouth sets you off. Curling my tongue around your dick like a lasso of lust has your toes curling already. Getting off to a great start down on my knees and ready to worship that thick cock of yours.

Telling you I have a major Stockings Fetish is such a turn-on for you.

For me thinking of all the little details for your big dick throbbing is what does it. Sucking soft and deep until my throat takes over and starts to swallow. I can tell you love the feeling of my wet warm throat closing up around your cock. Experiencing that feeling of firm squish forming around you while my mouth waters. Let me suck the stress from your tip and savor every drop while you coat my throat. Taking my time and loving the art of the tease I have perfected using this Stockings Fetish. Look into my wanting eyes and see the hunger for your load. Seeing how bad I want it your balls tighten.

Reaching up to take those heavy tight balls into my hand makes this Oral Sex even hotter. Cupping and rubbing your balls before I turn my head to the side and ease off your cock to suck them up. Getting those balls wet makes you moan. When I can tell your dick is ready to explode I back off just a bit. Edging you along a little bit longer shows you who’s in charge. Laying you back on the bed and lifting your legs back so I can get at all of you. You don’t ask often but I know how much you love a good rim job. Soon I’ll be putting on a total GFE Phone Sex show for you, but until then I’m going to lick your ass till you beg me to let you cum.

Just the sound of your voice gives me a rush of heat and tingles through my body almost taking me to Edge Play immediately.

Unable to hide my excitement I smile looking into your beautiful eyes. I can’t wait to get you alone so I can show every inch of your body what has been on my mind. I know it may seem predictable at times, but I’m a girl who likes to keep her man on his toes and his cock in my mouth. Taking you by the collar I pull you to my mouth, kissing you passionately with desire and lust. You can feel my starvation for your touch against your chest. My tongue slides into your mouth and licks your tongue up and down lightly before curling around it like a soft-serve Sensual Seduction.

It never seems to matter the exact subject we agreed to in order to share this moment together. Our hunger for each other is the burst we both fever for, and must-have. One kiss closer to the Edge Play that I hope you never come back from.

MILF Phone Sex