Role Play Sex Call becomes the fantasy I have always wanted to act out.

After studying and researching all week long, I finally had some time to relax. I was really looking forward to taking it easy. But, taking it easy wasn’t in the cards. I actually got a Role Play Sex Call right about the time I slipped off my black stocking and heels. Giving a very detailed presentation earlier today kinda had me hot already. When I picked up the phone and I heard this deep sexy voice on the other end.

The voice was so powerful and confident. This voice was asking me all the right questions, in all the best ways. He wanted to know if my pretty little pussy needed some attention after all those long and hard hours I have been working. I answered with a blurted-out yes. After all, who turns down a pussy worship phone sex call? The man on the other end of my hot pink phone took things a step further.

He asked me to trust him. “Trust you?” I asked. With what I wondered. I learned to cater to others very quickly. Although you may love the men’s calls as much as they do, it’s still their fantasy. I am interested in making yours come true he said. I was totally intrigued during this Role Play Sex Call.

After listening to how much he wanted to treat me like a princess I gave in fully.

He convinced me to trust him with my innermost deep desires. The personal things I haven’t demanded as of yet in life or over the phone. I realized that his biggest fantasy at this moment was making my own come true. My mind was made up and I decided to take a chance. Letting him into my imagination revolving around my cravings and needs. For the most part, I would say I am an open book, but every nasty girl has her sexy sluty secrets.

I expressed how badly I needed to be dominated myself, and brought right to the edge of orgasmic freedom. The craving for a man to have me on the edge and not let me cum. I expressed to this stranger that I needed some pain mixed with my pleasure. After all, as sweet as I am I do need a heavy rough sex thrashing too from time to time. Yes, even miss romantic fantasy roleplay herself likes to receive the licks and whips at times. Today was the day a man I didn’t even know put my needs ahead of all else.

Experiencing that feeling of firm squish forming around you while my mouth waters. Let me suck the stress from your tip and savor every drop while you coat my throat. Taking my time and loving the art of the tease I have perfected. Look into my wanting eyes and see the hunger for your load. Seeing how bad I want it your balls tighten. Reaching up to take those heavy tight balls into my hand makes this Role Play Sex Call even hotter.

Getting off to a great start down on my knees and ready to worship that thick cock of yours.

Thinking of all the little details for your big dick to throb to. Sucking soft and deep until my throat takes over and starts to swallow. I can tell you love the feeling of my wet warm throat closing up around your cock. Cupping and rubbing your balls before I turn my head to the side and ease off your cock to suck them up. Licking the full length of your shaft with my tongue is my vacation.

Grab the thick brown hair on my head and put me to work baby. The nastier I get the harder your dick becomes. Your breath gets heavy and I feel you thrust into my mouth. My mind races and I want you to stand over me. Now I will have you looking down into my Sensual Seduction eyes with my mouth wide open. I am ready to take the load I have worked so long and hard for. Reaching up I take a tight hold of your big fat dick and stroke it. I want that cum

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