My stocking fetish freak gave me a reason to fuck him over

I have a stocking fetish freak who has given me all the power. One thing about me is that I enjoy control. When I get my hands on the very thing that makes you shake in your boots, it turns me on wildly. You can surely say that I enjoy fear. It is about power and control, and if you look at it, that’s exactly what life is all about ultimately. At first, I tend to be super sweet and don’t let you see my bratty side quite yet, but soon after, you will see you aren’t dealing with a naive, sweet young girl.

I’m the head bitch in charge!

Don’t underestimate me because I’m no angel; I’m much closer to a sexy succubus willing to make you drop on your knees to please me and only me. My favorite slave is a stocking fetish freak. I address him as a slave and nothing more because he is only a slave. It is fascinating how deep he’s into his fetish. He will grab some pantyhose at the drop of a hat and start to fuck them and nut on nylons. As much as this slave loves nylons, I found out he actually loves fishnet stockings the most.

My stocking fetish freak goes bananas

My slave can’t get enough of wrapping them around his cock and squeezing and tying them. Stocking fetish phone sex freak blows his load all over and I make him eat that cum.  Get on your knees and devour it all for me. All in all, don’t get it twisted. I never let him cum right away. I tease and deny him and finally begin to blackmail him with pictures of all his friends. Once he is about to pass out from hours of torture and pleasure, I let him cum on one condition, and he must abide by the rules if he wants to explode and have satisfaction. The one rule is pretty simple, all he has to do is clean up the mess and allow me to blast him on my Twitter page.

Once I feel like I have gotten my satisfaction of exposing him, I will allow him to go free and come back with some more money for this bratty princess.

I want my stocking fetish freak slave to get caught

Let’s let him freak out some and watch as he begs. Look, slave, you can beg all you want, but I won’t let you off the hook. After all, what kind of goddess will I be if I let you roam off and enjoy yourself? I wouldn’t be the best mistress around if I weren’t a hardass. Besides, I want to keep you nervous and let you know that those forbidden sexual temptations can rock your world in many different ways. Without a doubt, you will always keep up as a stocking fetish freak. You will live and breathe for submission and humiliation and plenty of degradation. It’s time to be clear about your role now that I will train you from now on and forever to be the perfect fetish freak.

Get ready to be my stocking slut, and you will always get a  stamp of denial from this perfect princess.

Humiliation phone sex is great and if you try it, you will see why.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke