Forbidden Sexual Temptations Are Fun!

I’m going to indulge in all the forbidden sexual temptations available. I’m so ready to break the rules and indulge in anything I crave. Whether it is a friend, boyfriend, stepdad, or uncle. No one is off-limits, and I get what I want, always. I’ve always done whatever comes to mind. It is so much more liberating to do so. I have always had a thing for my brother-in-law. My sister is much older than me, and we never had that sibling bond. Also, we have different moms, so we didn’t share too many experiences but now that I’m in college and she’s happily married with her own family, she tries to come around and visit me.

A visit plants a seed.

When she visited a few weeks back, I never thought I would look at her husband differently. First off, I have never sexually thought about him, but the way he kept looking at me and the bulge in his pants imprinted in my memory. All I could think about was him fucking my brains out while my sister was nearby. I kept making excuses and really convincing myself that if I fuck him, it wouldn’t technically be so bad. It was crystal clear they have their own drama going on, and she’s not fucking him. It is a Forbidden Sexual Temptations that are worth exploring. Besides, things become a little more obvious when they came back to visit. My sister and I planned to cook, and some shopping had to be done. My brother-in-law urged her to go off alone.

Something is brewing…

I could tell this would spell out trouble. Maybe I should have gone with my sister, but after all, I want to find out why he is so adamant about staying behind alone with me. Why would I even question something so transparent? By the look on his face, I knew we would be getting into some trouble.  Once she was gone, both of us gravitate towards each other. Soon, I was on my knees, taking his cock like a good slut. All the desire in his eyes made it all better. I knew he never got to have a good cock sucking session like he was enjoying at the moment. He couldn’t contain himself and blew his load in my mouth. I thought that would be that, and he would possibly return the favor, but in reality, he had other plans. Forbidden Sexual Temptations are the most exciting.

My Brother In Law wants to breed me!

I’m so shocked by the words echoed. But I go with it and let him fuck me. I begin to beg him to fuck me. He begins to pound me harder and harder. My brother-in-law doesn’t skip a beat and keeps up with his plan to cum deep inside me and knock me up. The thought of it makes me climax, and I let him jizz deep inside me. Right after, we hear my sister’s car pull in and scurry along to clean up and dress up fast. It’s surely going to be a reoccurring event. Thank goodness for Forbidden Sexual Temptations.


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