Pound Me Harder Make Me Beg!

I want you to pound me harder than ever before. Time to get rough with me and leave the vanilla game at the door. It’s time you get home and make me a bad girl. Let me learn my lesson by taking control. Often I become the one that controls the game. It is your time to shine and make me realize I’m your sex toy, and you won’t let me off the hook easily. Make me beg for your cock, tease me till I must have it deep inside my cunt. Watch as I become so enamored by you and want to feel you in my twat. The nastier you are, the wetter I become. Never did I think I’d become the submissive one. Usually, I dominate, but tonight it is different.

Tonight, You Call The Shots

It’s your world and I’m living in it. Whatever you want you will have and it will be with no questions asked, of course. Besides, I wouldn’t be a great submissive slut for you if I didn’t allow you to live out all those deep fantasies you have hid away this whole time. There’s a surprise for you upstairs, so go ahead and see what it is. I know it’s something that’s been pondering in your brain. It is truly the ultimate mind fuck fun. Tonight, you shall pound me harder. As soon as you make your way upstairs you see my hot friend Jenn ready to be yours too, so that you can cuck me for a bit before you finally have your way with me. I want to taste my best friend on your cock. After you fuck her, let me taste that cum.

The Ulitmate Humiliation and Turn-on it is Indeed

I won’t bitch or complain as long as you pound me harder than her. That’s all I ask of you. Let me feel your hands wrap around my neck while you strangle me and fuck me. Choke me out and make me pass out. I want to feel your cock so badly deeper than ever before. Would you please maltreat me and make me scream at the top of my lungs? It’s music to your ears, and I know you have fantasies of this exact moment. It’s your lucky night because I can assure you I will be your genie whatever you want you will get. You can humiliate me and cuck me too. Usually, I do the cucking, but if you want to fuck her, make me watch.

No Complaints Here

You won’t hear me complaining. I’m all game and if you get to pound me harder, I will be much happier, but my ultimate satisfaction lies in you calling all the shots and showing me you’re the boss, daddy. Let me know what you want me to address you as. I have my personal favorite, but of course, you rule this ship, so it’s what you want, no questions asked ever. Let’s get nasty, daddy. I want you to be my master so bad.

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