It’s time you become a beta bitch cumslut

I know the last thing you want is to admit it, but you very much will always be a beta bitch cumslut. I can spot you all from a mile away. I’m so into turning macho headstrong men into my doormats. I like to show you that I rule your mind and will do what I please. It is interesting to see men try to live up to the notion that they will be alpha forever.  It is time to wake up and smell the coffee or roses. Insert whichever analogy you want. It’s no doubt that I’m a mean queen. Besides, if I’m not honest about that notion, who will be. You men don’t like to be blunt and upfront when you have a true head bitch in charge.

I make the rules you must follow!

I’m so happy to be able to get my away. It’s truly beyond hot to have you relinquish all your power and control. After all, if you don’t abide by my rules, you will get the boot. I don’t waste my time with men or boys who don’t listen well. I’m stern with my beliefs and my game. I’m only into a beta bitch cumslut on his knees with his ass stretched from my big dildos and strap-on play. Yes, that’s correct. I love to fuck you losers in the ass. Those blue balls you have will forever be that way because I don’t let losers cum. The only way you can ever even drizzle some precum out or spurt a pathetic load is if you eat that cum and taste it in front of my friends and me.

Smile, you’re on camera.

I want you to be a star. I’m about to expose you for the whole world to see. Every person on your social media accounts and personal phone log will see what you are up to when it comes to me. Don’t think for a second you will have it easy. All in all, I’m a strict dominant babe who wants you to realize and indulge in excruciating pain. My toys will come out from my special closet. I love to use my whips and paddles and leave your ass black and blue the next day. You will forever be a beta bitch cumslut with nothing more to add to life but to be my slave slut.

There’s no place like you on your knees

Now it’s time for you to appreciate that and live by that notion forevermore. I love to inflict pain on you and make you my bottom bitch. You can fool others but you don’t fool me, not even for a little bit. I know exactly what you truly are deepdown inside. Now you will always be my toy. I want all my friends to come over to watch you and help me out with you. You sure do have some interesting secrets. After all, it’s not every day I get a stocking fetish freak willing to do anything I want. So now it’s time for you to live life as a beta bitch cumslut.

I’m all about fetish phone sex and love to find what makes you tick.

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