Keep Quiet and Suck On My Sticky Satin Panties!

Is it humiliating thinking about your wife or girlfriend putting sticky satin panties into your mouth?  Perhaps it would be quite a humbling experience for you when your cheating partner confesses what she did earlier that evening.  On one hand you know how wrong this heinous thing truly is when presented by the woman you adore.  However, regardless of how wrong this may sound, the thought of your wife having naked sex while you waited at home has your dick rock hard.

My girlfriend Krissy had just gotten married to her boyfriend of two years.  For the most part, they seemed like a happy pair, almost too happy.  It was only natural for them to take the next step in their relationship right?  However, you would be wrong!  Everyone knew Krissy had married him for his money and her for her stunning good looks.  Generally, Krissy turned heads and made the room hush when she walked into the scene.

After the wedding, the two lovers settled in for their life together as a married couple.  Soon, the honeymoon was over.  Krissy’s husband Nathan was a notorious lady’s man.  Krissy knew that he was fucking around while they were married, but she didn’t want to lose her comfort.  Nathan started coming home later and later.

Finally, Krissy had had enough. 

One day she decided to dress up and go out for once.  For one thing, she was going to do her.  She dressed in her black panties and bra, heels, and midnight blue dress.  She had been saving it for Nathan to take her out to dinner.  Krissy checked out her so hot reflection in the mirror.  She was pretty damn hot for her age.  For the most part, she had curves in all of the right places.

Instead of going to a familiar place, Krissy decided to venture somewhere new tonight.  She picked a bar that really didn’t look so good.  Had Krissy been thinking straight she may have turned right around and walked right out of there.  Honestly, Krissy was only thinking about having some much-needed fun.  It was not long before a burly man asked her to dance and have a drink with them.  At first, Krissy was a bit nervous but soon got into the groove of her old self.  At least someone appreciated her.

In short, Krissy danced into the night and returned home at three in the morning.  A worried husband was waiting for her in the bedroom.  She kissed Nathan feeling the fire of what she had just done.  Thus Nathan’s wife became a hot spicy vixen who was not afraid to take chances.  Incidentally, Krissy did not care about him at this moment.

She forced her husband to his back and mounted him, kissing him hard.  Her teeth found the sensitive areas on his neck and bit here and there, causing a half moan half whine to escape his lips.

He could smell her sticky satin panties!

As she kissed Nathan, she sucked his lips and tongue.  She smiled knowing that Nathan could smell the breath of another cock on her breath.  It made his breath run still.  He was so turned on, but so conflicted.  Krissy knew what he was doing so wasn’t this a deserved payback?  He was her prisoner, struggling was of little use.  His face became her napkin as she wiped her wet panties on his mouth.  If he didn’t smell the ripe scent of cum earlier, he could now.

Stuffing his mouth with her panties made her even hotter.  The feel of her wet panties on his mouth was making his cock rock hard.  Krissy could not wait to peel off those sticky satin panties and dump the contents of her cream pie into his mouth and down his throat while she confessed about all the cocks she let fuck her that night.  In any case, he knew in his heart his sweet wife was a different woman.  He rather liked this new wife.  Perhaps if Nathan was a good boy she would let him fuck her sloppy cream pie seconds and clean out her ass.

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