My Neighbor Blackmails Wife Next Door to Get A Piece of Action!

A Scummy neighbor blackmails wife is generally not something you hear every day.  Nevertheless, it does happen quite often.  Moreover, you would think doing what he did was an opportunity to take advantage or even participate in an ongoing scandal.  On the other hand, I think the idea was rather well planned out on his part.  Personally, the lengths this man went through to land her in a vulnerable position were almost too well orchestrated and organized.

My friend Beverly just moved into a middle-upper-class neighborhood.  The nice thing was Beverly only lived one block over beyond one of my nearest cross streets.  In addition, the new house was much bigger than her old place.  She lived there in her new home with her loving husband Mark.  All things considered, things were going smoothly.

For the most part, all the neighbors were very welcoming and friendly.  There was one neighbor in particular named Eric.   This neighbor was the complete opposite of the other neighbors who welcomed Beverly openly.

So where does neighbor blackmails wife come in?  

From the moment Eric saw Beverly, he knew he had to have her.  She did not look similar to any woman he had ever been with.  Eric couldn’t take his eyes away from her perfect ass, perky big tits, her long “pull me” hair and sensual lips.   For the time being, he would wait for his opportunity to strike.

Every day Mark would head off to work.  Then Eric started to notice guys coming and going from the house.  This repeated itself over and over again, day after day.  Next Eric did the unthinkable and snuck outside of her bedroom which faced one side of the house.  What Eric heard and saw next was almost more than he could take.  Eric became so jealous and aroused like a neglected husband.

The images of Beverly taking a cock down her throat and a big cock pounding her over and over burned in his mind.  Eric knew he had her caught beyond a reasonable doubt.  He couldn’t take the pressure anymore.  There had to be a way to get her into his bed.

One day Beverly came over to borrow some flour but that’s not all!

Do you know what Eric did next?  Instead of beating around the bush, Eric blurted out what he had on his phone.  Well, the secret was finally out in the open.  This was a new low form of blackmail.  Beverly looked wide-eyed and scared at the photos of her in compromising positions.  In essence, Eric could have anything he wanted.

So he took Beverly to his bedroom where he had her strip so he could glimpse that body.  From the moment Eric touched her sticky satin panties he knew what Beverly had been doing with all the guys.  He had noticed a steady flow of guys coming and going there from the house after her clueless husband had left for work.   Next, Eric kissed her lips, sucking and pulling on her large tits.  Soon his cock got hard just by stimulating her.  However, Eric knew he had to slow down!  It wouldn’t do to lose it right there before he had a chance to get what he wanted.

Eric could not hold back any longer.  Her pussy was so smooth and delightfully pink.  Eric didn’t care that she had fucked every guy on the block.  He still wanted that cream pie, dripping and wet all over his face and cock.  Visions of how he would fuck her deep and hard flashed in Eric’s mind.  He had a slutty bitch who was willing to suck his cock balls deep, to give her ass to pound, a wet pussy to put his hard cock while he watched porn on the TV.

There is still much more to share with you.

What are your thoughts on what the neighbor did to get a woman there in his house?  Moreover, what would you have done in his situation?   Would you be the one neighbor blackmails wife opportunist?

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