A Saturday morning wasn’t when I was expecting to have a steamy sex affair.

I walked into my favorite independent bookstore on a sunny Saturday morning. While browsing in the history section, I saw this handsome man sitting at a table writing in a bound notebook with an old-fashioned fountain pen. I couldn’t see what he was scribbling but I could tell he hadn’t come for a steamy sex affair.

I got wet on the spot as I took in his salt and pepper curly hair, a deep tan, and broad shoulders. He was wearing running shorts and a tight gray tee-shirt that showed off his broad shoulders and well-defined arms. As my eyes scanned his body, I saw those legs.  Those legs were chiseled, toned, tan, and smooth.

I was jealous of them. I decided to walk up to him and ask him if I could share his table.  He smiled and nodded, yes. He tried to go back to his writing, but I started talking to him, asking about his journal, fountain pen, and why he liked this bookstore.

When he began to talk, I felt something so different.

Just the sound of his voice made me start leaking. Being without panties meant that my sweet pussy juices were running down my legs. Soon, I began to smell of sex and, every time I heard his deep and gravelly voice, I got more and more aroused.

His smile brought out a deep set of dimples. But in his dark brown eyes, I saw sadness. Perhaps I should not have asked but I did. I will not give detail because it’s so private.  However, as we talked, my heart began to ache while I listened to him describe a home life filled with pain and loss. He didn’t talk to me like I was just another hot blonde girl. I got even wetter because he still managed to smile, despite his pain and without an ounce of self-pity in his eyes.

Right then and there, I asked him to come home with me. When we got inside, he kissed me so tenderly. I never kiss, yet, this felt so right. I wanted to drop to my knees and suck that big cock that was pressing against me as we kissed, but he stopped me. He picked me up and walked towards the wall.

With my back against the wall, he lifted me higher so I could wrap my legs around his neck.

I looked down and saw the bulge in his running shorts grow even larger. I could feel his hot breath as he pushed up my skirt and brought his head ever closer to my bald, tight little pussy.

When his tongue touched my clit, it sent shivers down to my toes. His wet warm tongue pressed into my clit and then began to draw circles around it. He alternated between circling, pushing, and sucking.  Then he went to my juicy pink lips. He pulled them apart and then started lick and sucking on my outer lips and then my inner lips. He worked fast, and then slow.

Every time I got close to cumming, he slowed down. This tantric experience went on for twenty erotic, agonizing minutes.  Finally, he pushed his tongue into my dripping fuck hole. The force with which he penetrated me was startling. Now he moved at a rapid pace, and tongue fucked me relentlessly.

I felt the pressure continuing to build and build until my pussy shuddered so forcefully that buckets of squirt came out of my tight little fuck hole.

Most men would have pulled their face away, but he stayed in place, and I watched him guzzle as much squirt as he could while the rest ran all over his face. When he finally set me down, I dove for his cock, but that is another story of our neverending steamy sex affair.

I’m ready to have our own sex affair phone sex style 😉


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke