Shoving A Big Fat Cock In My Tight Ass: Anal Sex Stories

Shoving A Big Fat Cock In My Tight Ass: Anal Sex Stories! My ass is so sore today, I can barely sit down and my hole feels like it’s gaping open. I can’t believe I’m not in the mood for dick today but I just need a day of rest after last night. Who knew there was such a thing as a big that was too big? Okay, it wasn’t a real dick, but it still counts because it gave my ass one hell of a pounding. I was so shocked when Ryan showed me the huge dildo he wanted to use on me. It was a lot bigger than any of the ones I own and just the thought of having that long, thick dick in me made my pussy wet.

A shiver of fear went through me as he pushed the big, round head against my pussy and when he started pushing it in I felt myself stretch around it. He kept going and I gasped as it really started to fill me. He looked at me and stopped, getting off the bed. “I think you’re going to need a bit of help,” he said and took out a pair of handcuffs. Ryan flipped me onto my stomach and I shifted so I was down on all fours while he grabbed at me. He held my arms up and snapped the handcuffs on my wrists, doing it too tight.

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I felt so wet as he got behind me and I really wanted it in my pussy again but this time I felt it pressing against my asshole. He teased me by trying to push it in and I felt my hole ache as he poked at it and I didn’t know how I was going to take it in. I asked for lube and he smeared some on my hole and dildo before trying again. I bent low, opening my hole wider as he held me with one hand and began pushing the dildo into my ass. There was a dull pain as the tip pushed in. It got worse as an inch went in than another.

My ass felt like it was being ripped in two. I bit down on the sheets to muffle my cries as he roughly pushed more of it in. My hole was so sore and tender as he began thrusting it in and out of me, the dildo rubbing it until it was stinging. My eyes got watery and my body shook as the dildo rammed into me again and again. It hurt so bad, even my lower stomach felt bruised as I laid there and took it. I could hear him grunting behind me as the dildo went in deep and made my ass feel beyond full before it slid nearly all the way out. He kept going until I felt dizzy and couldn’t breathe, the pain was radiating through me.

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I practically screamed when he pulled the dildo out of me and I felt so empty with it gone. He undid the handcuffs and I curled up into a little ball as I tried to ignore the throbbing, burning pain in my ass. I looked at the thin red lines the handcuffs had made on my wrists while I caught my breath. I was just starting to relax when Ryan got back on the bed and flipped me onto my back. He shoved my legs apart and I looked at his hard dick; he was big but not good enough after what I’d just had. Oh well, a dick’s a dick so I let him fuck me until he was both worn out. Call me and let’s make more adult sex stories!

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