Daddy’s Little Princess Loves It Hard, Right In The Ass

I’ve always been Daddy’s Little Princess, but now I can add daddy’s little incestual princess to that title. I love being naughty and I love breaking the rules. I can’t help but break the rules. He tried to be strong but to no avail. I wanted him so bad and I’ve been thinking about fucking him, ever since I was a tight young teen.

Now that I am a little older, I can be more assertive and tell him what’s really on my mind. For the last few months, I’ve been flirty with him and frankly, he’s been pissing me off. Every time I would flirt with him, he’d assume I was being silly and just blow me off. Not last night though, daddy got a clue real quick and I had my way with him.

Last night I walked past daddy’s room, after my shower and accidentally on purpose dropped my towel on the floor. I immediately looked at him and wanted to say something, but his eyes were so fixated on my body. At that point I just let him stare at me for a few minutes to take in all of my assets. He sat there on the edge of his bed, with his mouth hanging open. Neither of us said a word at first, we both were very quiet. I finally said, “What are you looking at Daddy?” He just sat there and still said nothing. I repeated myself, but this time louder. I wanted his fucking attention dammit and I was going to get it.


His eyes finally made it up to mine and all he could say was, “Nothing!” Which we both knew was a lie and that’s exactly why I wanted his attention now. I wanted his acknowledgment, I wanted his lust. It was in that moment, I grabbed daddy by his shoulders and pushed him back on his bed. On his way down Daddy said, “No Veronica, this isn’t right. I am your daddy, not your boyfriend!” My response had both of our heads spinning, well my head and both of daddy’s heads. “I don’t want you to be my boyfriend Daddy, I want to be your little sex kitten, just for tonight. I want you to acknowledge how much better than mom I am.”, is what I told him.

Once Daddy hit those sheets, I stood above him so that when he looked up as he could see was my sopping wet cunt. Then, I slowly, very slowly lowered myself down onto his handsome face. I was smothering daddy with my cunt and I loved it. Hmmm, I could feel him gasping for air beneath me and as I went to let up a little to give him some air, he wrapped his arms around my thick thighs and pulled me back down. That’s when I could tell that daddy was really starting to get into this.

Daddy licked and sucked my clit until that moment finally arrived.

I was so turned on and daddy did such a good job making his little princess cum that I squirt all over his fucking face. Once my body stopped twitching on Daddy’s face, he gripped me up and flipped me over. He said that he wanted my juices to flow to my ass. He said that if I really wanted him to acknowledge how much better than my mom I am that I was going to have to let him fuck me in my ass. Fuck me in my ass is exactly what he did.

The moment he entered me, I let out a loud gasp. Daddy’s uncut thick cock penetrated my tight ass with such force. I knew I was going to get fucked hard and I welcomed it. I welcomed every inch of daddy’s cock deep inside of my fuck hole. At first, it hurt so well, but after a few minutes, the pain was replaced with pure pleasure. I couldn’t get enough. Daddy pumped and pumped, that’s when he. Well if you want to know how this fuck fest ended, just call me and I will tell you what happened with Daddy’s cum and where he put it on his Little Princess. I will spare no detail!

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