A couple of years ago, I had some spooky surprise sex on Halloween.

I knew that my boyfriend and I were going to fool around, but no one ever really expects some spooky surprise sex, do they haha? I went over to my friend’s house, and she and I drank a little before we had her older brother drive us downtown for the good stuff. He was going to a party, anyways. I was a slutty little witch. I had on this super short and tight black dress that I wore with a little witch hat and some fishnets. And black stilettos. This outfit prompted every crusty, prude old lady that I encountered to ask me if I was cold. Mind your own damn business; I’m trying to look hot. They were jealous of the looks that I received from their husbands.

No one thought my boyfriend and I were too old to be trick or treating, though. We both looked super young, anyways. Since where we lived was kind of out in the middle of nowhere, we had to have my friend’s older brother drive us from house to house. We all crowded in the back of his truck since there were like eleven of us. My boyfriend and I were the oldest. He leaned in and kissed me and quickly slid his tongue in my mouth. We began making out, but the other kids were there, so they just watched us for a bit. He slid his hand up my dress and then slowly migrated down my stockings and panties. He rubbed my clit in front of ten other people.

Then everyone left the bed of the truck to Trick or Treat, and we pretended to follow but stayed to have spooky surprise sex.

We crawled back in, and the truck had a topper to it, so it was decently covered. He grabbed ahold of my stockings and panties and then yanked them down to my knees. He started to rub his cock all over my pussy and jerk it off onto me. I rolled onto my side so that he spooned me, and he began to finger my pussy. My pussy grew wetter and wetter. He spread my pussy lips with his fingers and began to work his cock deep inside of my tight little hole! I grew wetter and wetter around his cock as my pussy stretched to accommodate every inch of that hard rod. I could feel his cock swelling. He was going to burst!

I could tell that it took everything he had not to cum within like thirty seconds of sliding into me. Grinding my pussy down on to his cock, I heard him groan. Our lovely driver noticed and looked back, so we ducked real low. If he saw something, he never said a word about it. We had to wait a rather long time to fuck because we were always under adult supervision with my overbearing parents. This boy and I dated like, three months before fucking. My boyfriend harnessed all of the self-control that remained to focus on being quiet and not blowing his load. I hurried up the situation and rubbed my pussy so that I could cum before he passed the point of control.

He pumped into me a surprising amount of times for the desperate sound that he had made.

I grew close, and I knew that he could feel it when my pussy gripped his cock. I felt the walls of my pussy trickle moisture down the sides. He squirted deep inside of my tight little hole. I came all over his cock while he filled me up. As I came, my best friend came up to the bed of the truck. Uh oh, they finished Trick or Treating, and all the kids were coming back. My best friend caught us just as my boyfriend was pulling out his soaking cock out of my pussy. She teased us and tried to fend off the other kids while I pulled my panties and stockings up. My boyfriend hurriedly yanked up his pants and underwear.

The kids flooded the back of the truck as my boyfriend struggled to button his pants. I felt his cum leak out of my pussy the whole ride home. We had spooky surprise sex in the back of a truck!

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