He Was A Dominant Male

If you’ve had enough boyfriends, one of them will have been sure to ask you if you’ve tried spanking. I have been seeing a more dominant man than I normally do, and he really turns me on. I can be nosy at times, even though I know better. Shortly after we began seeing one another I’d come over to his place for dinner. We’d just finished dinner when his phone rang. It was some kind of business emergency he said and he had to leave, but not for long. He said he’d be back in less than an hour and would I mind waiting? And I said it was fine, and I’d just watch some t.v. And I did a bit more than watch t.v.

I Was Caught Snooping In His Room

I know I shouldn’t have, but I went up to his bedroom and snooped around. In the closet, in drawers, under the bed. I don’t know what I was looking for, nothing in particular, but I wanted to see. Well, I was so absorbed in my snooping I hadn’t heard him come in. He was standing in the doorway looking at me going through his bedside table. It mortified me. Speechless and embarrassed at my grave invasion of privacy that revealed about him. He did not look pleased with this indiscretion in his own home. Someone he trusted enough to leave there alone had rifled through his belongings.

My Ass Was Stinging From His Spanking

He told me I needed to punish me. Before I knew what was happening, he was sitting on the edge of the bed with me over his lap. He’d raised my skirt, pulled down my panties and was spanking my bare ass with the palm of his hand. I was struggling to get off of his lap, but the slaps kept raining down on me. I could tell my ass was red from how my skin felt when he stopped. He still would not let go of me. He then began to tenderly rub my ass cheeks and make them feel better.

I Was So Wet And He Could Feel It

I was angry he’d done this to me, but I knew I had no right to go through his things. Soon the rubbing on my ass felt a bit sensual. I was made to be in submission He then slipped his hand down my crack and reached down to my pussy, which was by now, surprisingly wet. I could feel his fingertips circling my clit and smearing my copious wetness around my pussy lips. It was so slippery and felt wonderful. I was panting as he fingered me. I could feel hi slide his fingers into me. And  I wanted his cock. He got me on the bed and quickly removed his clothes.

I Was A Naughty Girl

He was inside of me in seconds, telling me what a bad girl I was. That I was naughty, and he’d be punishing me any time I was bad. He forcefully pinned my wrists above my head as he pounded me. He gave me thrust after thrust until I could barely catch my breath, and then I came on his cock. Who knew I’d be a part of a spanking story, or that it would end like this? He was dominant and powerful and I knew this was only the beginning of things I’d not yet experienced.

And He Actually Used A Riding Crop

Over the coming weeks and months, I received several spankings, and I cannot say I minded them. Spanking me while he fucked me in the doggy position was a favorite of his. And mine. A few whacks of his hand and I can feel myself growing wet. He’s conditioned me now. Last night he tried a riding crop and did it smart! Sometimes I find myself doing naughty things just so he will catch me. Since I know that means a spanking will be in the offing.

I Am Ready To Take It Up A Notch

I caught him reading a spanking story on one of his favorite erotic short stories sites.  And I read it with him and I have a feeling we will reenact that story, or parts of it soon. My buns have gotten a workout lately. I bought a paddle online and am going to give it to him for his birthday next week. I know I will be the one getting the paddling, but I know he will certainly enjoy smacking me with it. We will have to see how it goes.

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