Hazing sorority sex games

For those who don’t know, to join a house in college you must pass a few humiliating challenges. Hazing as we call it makes for some fun sorority sex games. Intimation begins after the girls pledge our sorority house and last for three weeks. Yeah three weeks is a long time but I like my pledges to pass in stages. With each stage the hazing gets harder and more humiliating. There are three stages with each stage lasting a week. If the girls want to be apart of the most popular sorority then they are willing to do whatever it takes. I had to go through a ton of sorority sex games but this time I’m not the pledge, I’m the leader. I had an obligation as the president of the sorority. The girls are to be the hottest and best.

It’s the night before initiation is to start and we threw a huge party. It was a huge college party. Their is a ton of alcohol and hot guys from the surrounding frat houses. The girls have no idea this is when initiation really takes place. We blow the whistle signalling them to line up after their drunk. Pledges partner with a frat boy. After the pledges pair up they are told to strip into their bra and panties in front of the guys. The 50 girls pledging do as they are told. The men are then handing paddles, paddles for spanking the pledges. They each spank the pledge until told to stop. I didn’t expect any drop outs from spanking but I did expect it to humiliate them a little.

The best is yet to come

To get a spanking in front of everyone is humiliating. Especially when the person spanking is hot frat boy. Each pledge gets 50 spanks a piece, one slap for each girl pledging. After the spanking each girl was brought into a room with a bunch of slutty stripper clothes. They pick out an outfit and come back into the room. The living room has a small stage and poll, the pledges had to put on a strip tease for our frat boys. Frat boys judge the performance. The frat boys picked three winners which received their clothes back. The remaining 47 girls are denied their clothes and move to the next challenge. Lap dances is the next challenge. Each pledge had ten seconds and there were two winners.

Their were 45 pledges still yet to win a challenge. The remaining pledges took to their knees while a guy stood in front of them. The first ten girls to get the guys to cum into a bucket would win. Each pledge looked shocked and confused. Some of the pledges didn’t even want to participate but in the end they did. They grabbed the guys cocks and got to stroking. There were ten winners and 35 losers. The loss is humiliating. No one wants to lose a hand job challenge. We took the buckets of cum and combined them into one bucket. We took it one step further for the losers. The first ten to make the guys cum into buckets would win. But this time they can only use their mouths. The pledges open wide while the guys slipped into their mouths.

Open wide bitches

Their mouths get sore sucking those big meaty cocks. Ten girls win the sorority sex games challenge and are given back their clothes. Again we combine the buckets of cum into one bucket. We had 25 girls who had yet to win a challenge. The 25 guys remaining get to fuck the pledges. No matter what they had to make the guys cum into the buckets. After all the guys cum into a bucket, we combine all the cum into one bucket. All the cum from the buckets were divided into 25 tall glasses. 25 glasses for the 25 losers. Oh yes, that’s right. The pledges had to drink all the cum. And not only did they try cum eating but they were refused their clothes until they won a challenge.

Now this is just day one of our sorority sex games, there is still three weeks left of story to tell. Imagine how much crazy hazing sex is to cum. But if you can’t wait any longer go to my phone sex website and give me call. So much more stories for you including my new bisexual foursome fantasy. Check out all my sex stories and call me.