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Okay so I did a thing. A thing now I have zero regrets for. My married friends David and Anna have been searching for a partner for their threesome and I said yes. David for one, is hot. And Anna? Yeah she’s a knock out too. And your probably curious where this ties into a bisexual foursome fantasy with me talking threesomes but I promise we are getting there. They came over, we drank, and we flirted. Anna started to kiss me. Her tongue slide into my mouth and rubbed against my tongue. Her hand drifted down to my blouse where she unbuttoned my top and tossed it. David watches while Anna pushes me back onto the couch and starts removing my pants. After she gets my pants of she licks my slit. Her little gentle finger spread my pussy lips apart and she slides her tongue inside my cunt.

This isn’t my first lesbian sexual encounter but this is the first girl whose taken control over me. Her tongue wiggles in and out of my cunt which makes me wet. She motions David over and takes his cock out of his pants. Anna commands me to grab it. I grab David’s cock and stroke it as she says. Anna’s fingers slide into my pussy, she fingers me while pushing commands. David takes his cock and pushes it into my mouth. I’m moaning from Anna’s touch while sucking David’s cock. She makes me cum with just her fingers but they aren’t done with me yet. Anna tells David to come over and fuck me. David gets between my legs and thrust his cock inside me. It takes a few thrust before he is inside me completely because he’s so big.

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David is thrusting deep inside my with my legs wrapped around his waist. Anna is kissing me as her husband is fucking me. My door opens and it’s Allen my boyfriend. I jump off the couch and try to explain but he’s furious. Anna whose naked, approaches him and invites him to join. At first he declines but he can’t resist her sexy body and the way she throws herself at him. She nibbles his ear and rubs his crotch. The two kiss and she pulls him over to the couch. Anna climbs on top of Allen as David thrust his cock inside me. I could see Anna fucking my boyfriend and to be honest I liked it. David twitched and came inside me but this bisexual couple wasn’t done with us yet. When David pulled out of me I could feel cum running out of me.

Anna pulled Allen over and whispered something into his ear. I didn’t hear what she said but I assume she was pushing orders his way. Allen sat on the couch and David walked over and started jerking Allen’s cock. He squats down and starts sucking Allen’s cock. Watching the guys made me wanna get fucked again. Then Anna whispers something else into Allen’s ear. Assuming again she is pushing orders because Allen started licking David’s cum out of my pussy. Allen is between my legs cleaning me out and then David walks behind Allen. Can you guess? Yes he sticks his dick into Allen’s ass. I saw David fuck my boyfriend. He grabs a hold of Allen and fucks him doggy style. I’m pretty sure his second load was shot into Allen’s ass.

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This is the dream bisexual foursome fantasy. It was a long night of hardcore bisexual sex for all four of us. But me and Allen learned something that night, we are a bisexual couple. We love playing with other bisexual couples as well. He’s not afraid to suck a cock or let one fuck his ass. If your open minded and love group sex then maybe give a bisexual foursome a try. Don’t knock it until you try it. You never know just how much you may love it. I’m completely open minded and love to explore all kinds of kinky fantasies. I can be anything you need me to be. Your ultimate foot fetish partner or your kinky group sex partner. Call my phone sex hotline and let’s get kinky together.