How a New Dynamic is Created in our Household When my Son Openly Cuckolds his Father

My story continues as I realize My son didn’t want to just fuck me, his mother. To own me. No, that wasn’t enough for him. I realized he wouldn’t be truly satisfied until my son openly cuckolds his father and he usurped his place as head of the household. And secured his place in the marital bed.

That being said, previously from Taboo Family Relations (Duet 1)…

That’s when he by-passed my panties, and plunged two fingers deep inside my cunt. He wasn’t gentle; he wasn’t sweet and slow. No, he knew I didn’t want him that way. He knew I wanted him hard and rough, brutal even, taking what he had claimed as his own.

He fucked my pussy with his fingers, hard and fast, bringing me to the edge. All the while he kept telling me, “This is mine. Mine to pleasure, mine to punish. You don’t cum until I say.”

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He then abruptly pulled away from me, taking a step back from me. I turned to see him licking my juices from his digits. “Get that sweet ass of mine in our bedroom. I’m gonna fuck my woman until she passes out from the pleasure, and then I’m gonna fuck her some more.”

I whimpered, but I acquiesced. I knew I could never deny him. Be it taboo or extreme taboo, I would do whatever he asked; whatever he demanded. Even cuckold his father with him. I walked slowly past him, to the master bedroom. A fleeting thought passed through my mind. When was his father supposed to be home again?

I made my way to the master bedroom. G had driven me right to the edge but didn’t allow me to go over. Every nerve ending of mine was vibrating with desire. He knew what he did to me; reveled in it. He loved having that taboo power over me. But all I could think about was how good my son felt against me, in me. About how much I loved what he did to me and my body. Correction – his body.

My son ordered me to strip once we got into the bedroom. He was all over then. His hands touching, exploring. His mouth claiming me. He was branding me, making sure, in no uncertain terms, that I was his, and only his. Call it taboo; call it extreme taboo, but he was going to make sure I knew what the score was.

There was no slow seduction. No easing into me. He threw me down on the bed and slammed his cock deep inside me with one punishing thrust.

I was lost in the onslaught of sensations he was forcing on me. This was what I needed. Him. Me. Together in unbridled ecstasy. My mind was spinning, my body pushing higher and higher. There was nothing but us, our bodies joined as one. Maybe that’s why I didn’t hear the garage door trigger. Or knew when my husband had entered the bedroom.

G looked over his shoulder and spoke to my husband. “About time you got home. It’s time for you to understand a few things. Since you can’t or just won’t satisfy her, she’s MY woman now, and this is our marital bed. Of course, she’s been mine for quite some time, you just didn’t know it, hehe.”

My husband just looked from me to our son, and back to me. As he processed his new-found role in our family, I could see his acceptance wash over his face. Moreover, he knew, somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew. And he knew could never truly satisfy me. Consequently, he was a pleaser at heart, and this would, in the end, make me happy.

The fact that my son openly cuckolds his father sinks in.

That’s when he silently nodded his head as the reality of the new family dynamic is made clear. What else could he do? My cuckold husband accepted his new role as a cuckold, and accepted our incestuous mom and son relationship as if he knew it was a foregone conclusion.

And it made me smile a very wicked, very salacious smile.

So, which do you identify with? My deliciously sexy son, having an incestuous, taboo phone sex relationship with his mom? Or the cuckold husband humiliation, knowing he could never satisfy his wife, accepting his son as the true man of the house? Knowing the cuckold phone sex is the only choice for you. Let’s find out together, shall we?

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