Embrace Your New Reality – A World Drenched in Demoralizing Cuckold Husband Humiliation

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, shall we? I think it’s always good to look back and see how we got from point A to point B. And for you, that’s going from a well-established, well-respected businessman, to being the laughingstock of the community. That encompasses you being at the receiving end of my extreme brand of cuckold husband humiliation.

I knew you yearned for the status that having a beautiful and sexy wife on your arm can bring you. Like a moth to a flame, those desires had brought you to me. I know you’re quite wealthy and own a large business, so of course, I marry you for your money.  You must have known this to be true deep down. After all, there was no way that you could ever satisfy me. Not with that pathetic dicklette between your legs you like to try and call a cock. Seriously?? You should have known from the start that you were in for some extreme cuckold husband humiliation.

Tell me, did you know that before our wedding, I had sex with dozens of your friends? That they all got a big thrill in stuffing your soon-to-be-bride with their big, fat cocks? They joked that I would leave a trail of their accumulated cum streaming from my well-used pussy as I walked up the aisle. And the truly pathetic part?  You actually knew that I was screwing them behind your back.

The fact of the matter was that no one was off-limits to me, including your family members. Oh yes indeed. That includes your younger brother as well as your father. They were particularly delicious.

I knew that you were shocked and humiliated. But I could also see that this excited you.

I can’t deny it (and why should I?) – I love feeling a big dick inside me. Which in turn, explains why I’ve never shown any interest in yours. You have taken to begging me for sex. This means that I usually laugh at you, lol.

This brings us to our present status.  Of course, you will be relegated to a stripped-down room to sleep in. (I’m calling it the “Cuckold Cave”, LOL!!!).  And I will be bringing men into what once used to be our marital bed at night regularly. Likewise, you will be permitted to kneel outside the locked door, allowing you to hear my moans and screams that you never thought possible.

Moreover, as time goes on, I will become increasingly sadistic, making you watch me have sex with whomever.  I do and WILL be fucking guys that work for you, including our black gardener and the plethora of delivery men that find their way to our doorstep. (Yes, I’m a total big cock slut).

There will be times that I will make you remain naked so that I can laugh at your little dick whenever I want to, and use you in whatever way I deem amusing. The mere thought of forcing you to take a big dick in your mouth gets me very excited. Furthermore, I will take great pleasure in laughing at you as you choke on loads of cum. I will have you remain on bent knees, and I have you beg them to fuck your mouth!

Just when you think things can’t any more demeaning, I will introduce you to a whole new level of cuckold husband humiliation.

In fact, I will make you lick their hot spunk out of your beautiful wife’s pussy, and thank me for it. I admit it, I will treat you like the scum beneath my heels. And yes,  you will love it and crave more and more cuckold husband humiliation exponentially.

You knew you could never satisfy me, and now that I have turned you into my cock sucker you have finally found your lot in life. The place that makes you feel complete, and more to the point, comfortable.

You need me, and can’t live without my abuse. In fact, you beg me for more abuse, because you know your place in life. And perhaps one day you’ll be transformed from just a simple cuckold to a cucked sissy slave!

My oh my, is your little nub twitching and dripping in anticipation? Such a good little cock whore! Now call your goddess’s phone sex line and be prepared for the most humiliating cuckold phone sex you will ever know!!


Your Free Sex Story & Cuckold Husband Humiliation Guru,

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke