A Day in the Life of My Cucked Sissy Slave Husband

You wait in agonizing anticipation.  Your thoughts are spiraling from one image to another. Never did you think you would be turned into a real-life cucked sissy slave. And definitely not being cucked by your very own son. But here you are. You know where I am this evening, what I’ve been doing.  I was quite explicit as to my plans for the night.

I’m out with your son. Your gorgeous, viral, well-endowed son. You ponder how you came to this. Of how your life has become a never-ending exercise in humiliation. How you’ve been turned into a pathetic, panty-wearing cucked sissy slave. Not to mention being cucked by your own flesh and blood (and all his friends for that matter).  So desperate for any scraps I will toss your way. Beyond reasoning, you’ve been willingly subjected to such demeaning, humiliating torments that I can devise.  Not just willingly, but eagerly as well. The fact of the matter is, is that you have come to crave this aspect of your new station in life as a cucked sissy slave.

When I do finally come home, I find you on your knees at the door in the lingerie that I had laid out for you to wear. I see the mound in your panties from the chastity lock and smile as I think about how you must have been cursing your captive state while I was out being anything but chaste. When you ask me if I enjoyed my evening, a smile grows on my face as I recount the evening’s festivities.

I weave a tale worthy of your status.

I proceed to tell you how it felt having a real man fuck me. Of how your son made me cum repeatedly. I recount every delicious detail of how he pounded my sopping pussy with his big, fat cock. All the while watching you blush with every salacious detail.  I know your worthless cock is straining within the confounds of your cage. I then walk to the kitchen to see if you’ve finished all your chores, and in doing so, see if you were a good little cucked sissy slave.

You stand in the doorway, nervously watching me inspect your cleaning assignment. I like you nervous – it makes me smile. I know what you’re hoping for. You’re hoping that I will unlock you and allow you to touch your tiny insignificant clit.

I ask about your evening and hear how you followed the instructions I left for you, and then tell you to bend over and let me see. Indeed, the butt plug is in place and your chastity cage shows signs of your excitement still dripping in that hard, plastic shell. I can see hope sparkle in your eyes as well as dance across your face. As well as a good portion of anticipation. Of course, you can only wait and see how my mood will unfold. And in turn, see if you will be met with yearning pleasure or the sweet ecstasy pain. But you know the truth.

As a cucked sissy slave, you know you are at the mercy of my whims.

That it doesn’t matter what I choose to do or not do. You are ravenous for any and all of my ministrations. I tell you to keep your position as I circle you, debating what I will do next. That’s when you feel my hand slide over that prettily presented sweet ass of yours. Your anticipation grows as you feel my fingers drift down to your butt plug, evidence of your sissy anal training. Will you be blessed with me fucking you with it? Your caged dick twitches as a fresh stream of pre-cum flows.


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