My Taboo Family Relations with My Son Was Going to Get Kicked up a Notch from Taboo to Extreme Taboo

Look, I know that taboo family relations are wrong (at least by society’s standards). And I know it should have never happened. And yes, I’m talking about a mom fucking her son. Or maybe it’s more like a son fucking his mom. I guess it depends on your view, and my view is the latter. After all, G (my son) pursued me. Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

True, I flirted with him, wanting to see how far I could push him. And true, I didn’t put up much of a fight when he acted on those flirtations. But he did instigate our taboo relationship. And now he wants more.  If he gets what he wants, our relationship was going to go from taboo to extreme taboo in 60 seconds flat.

You see, it seems my son has decided that, with the recent changes to our taboo family relations, he should be sharing the marital bed

Now the only problem with that little scenario is that it’s already occupied by my husband. Of course, G doesn’t see it as a problem. That might have something to do with the fact that he has a very type-A personality. Which could also explain why he went after me in the first place. And why he wants to shift our taboo family relations into the extreme category.

Hmmm, type A personality – I would not use that term to describe my husband. Don’t get me wrong. He’s a good provider. And he does adore me and showers me with whatever I want.  And of course, A real pleaser. But he’s nowhere near the category of an alpha male – the face I see when I picture an alpha male is G.

And with that, images of G taking control fills my mind. Of G informing my whimpering husband that since he was fucking me, he was now the man of the house. As a result, those images of him doing just that were getting me wet.  Very wet. And I’m left wondering if G would truly push things and enlighten my husband that he’s being cucked by his very own son. If he would truly push himself, me, as well as my husband into such an extreme taboo relationship.

Turns out I wouldn’t have to wonder where our taboo family relations were going for long.

Days went by with no further mention of G bringing the fact that he was cuckolding his father into the open. I was apprehensive at first. I mean, G was not known to let something go once he’s decided on something. Maybe our taboo relationship wouldn’t be pushed into the extreme taboo category. Somehow I doubted that, but I wasn’t going to borrow trouble. I’d worry about it when the issue was front and center. And right now, it was on the backburner as far as I was concerned.

Because of my wandering thoughts, I didn’t hear G enter the kitchen. Before I knew it, G was pressed up against my ass as I was doing the dishes. His nose was buried in my hair against my ear, and his raging hard cock was pressing against my ass. Damn, he felt good!

He started telling me how good I felt. How good I smelled. And how he can’t wait to be balls deep inside HIS pussy. He always called it his pussy. Claiming what’s his in true alpha male form. Damn, I shouldn’t love it so much. Shouldn’t love reveling in such extreme taboo sensations?

I shouldn’t love the fact that my son was so hot for his mom that he couldn’t keep his hands, not to mention his cock, away from me.

He growled, stating that I was wet for him – not asking if I was, but stating it as a foregone conclusion. Oh, my son knew me so well. His hand slid up my inner thigh and found what he wanted – my drenched panties.

That’s when he bypassed my panties, and plunged two fingers deep inside my cunt. He wasn’t gentle; he wasn’t sweet and slow. No, he knew I didn’t want him that way. He knew I wanted him hard and rough, brutal even, taking what he had claimed as his own.

He fucked my pussy with his fingers, hard and fast, bringing me to the edge. All the while he kept telling me, “This is mine. Mine to pleasure, mine to punish. You don’t cum until I say.”

… to be continued…

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