Someone is Watching

So many women get changed in public bathrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms without even batting an eye.  What if there was someone watching you the entire time?  Would it make you uncomfortable, or would it turn you on?

 Maybe I’m just not your average woman, but I think the thought of having someone watching me at such a vulnerable time is pretty hot.

When I’m pull up my dress in a pubic bathroom and see little holes or cracks in the walls, I can’t help but wish there was someone on the other side.  A man with his cock in his hands, pressing his face up to the crack just to see a glimpse of my silky smooth pussy.  Thinking about him licking his lips as I spread my leg and sit down makes me fucking wet.  I can’t help it and I’m sure he can’t help being a voyeur.

Have you even gone in a dressing room and wondered if they have a security camera looking in?  Picture some buff security guard sitting in his chair, anxiously waiting for me to step out of my clothes.  I have been known to get so turned on thinking about it. I have to take a minute to sit down and rub my pussy.  What if he is jerking off with me right now?

The gym locker room… I know for a fact there have been some lesbians who can’t help but get a peek.  I’m not going to lie, I shake my ass and tits a little more than usual when I see another sexy girl.  If only they weren’t too shy to join me in the shower in stead of peeking around the corner to see my wet, soapy body.  If only, out of nowhere, I felt a hand on my lower back helping to wash me clean.

 Come have a peek through that wall, crack, or camera.  Come have some kinky Phone Sex!