Snowballing – Tom’s First Taste of Cum

“I want to taste my cum”… Tom confessed to me yesterday morning soon after I awoke. He and Lynne had gotten into a fight and Tom had ended up at my place in need of comfort and a warm bed to sleep in. Lynne was my friend and in the past I had hooked up with her and Tom, so we’d received permission from her to fuck whenever we wanted; and from time to time after an intense night of partying we end up fucking and I usually sleep at their place. So here I was stretched out in bed, my hair a mess and barely awake enough just yet, and he was spilling his guts to me. I smiled sleepily, and my thoughts turned immediately to snowballing.

“I’m not a fag or anything I-I just really have always wanted to try it, but it I told Lynne she’d think less of me” He told me. I nodded my head sleepily, rubbing at my eyes and stretching. He’d spilled his guts to me last night about the troubles he and his now-fiancee Lynne were having. They’d gotten engaged last month, and things had apparently been going downhill (not a shocker, considering they both are commitment-phobes!) He sat up in bed, and I shifted my body up, pulling him back down.

“Tom…shut up.” I told him and his mouth shut.

He was looking at me with a mix of eagerness and fear in his eyes. Have you ever heard the term snowballing? I’ll make you taste your cum! I proclaimed and made my way lazily down to his lap. I just love morning wood – it never takes long to get a nice creamy treat out of a guy’s shaft in the morning! Soon enough, Tom’s cock was shooting cum into my waiting mouth. Moving back up to him, I kissed him and slowly slid his hot load into his own mouth to taste. His eyes widened as he tasted himself, but when I pulled away there was no disgust. What surprised me was when he swallowed it!

After that, we showered and I went to class while he went home to patch things up with Lynne. Something tells me though, that by introducing Tom to snowballing, I’ve opened up new doors for him. I wonder where they will lead?

Do you wanna share a cum flavored kiss with me?

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